How about this souvenir for your party or even for Children’s Day.

It is made with EVA and milk carton.

Pretty cool don’t you think?

Necessary materials
  • EVA various colors
  • milk or juice box
  • instant glue
  • black permanent pen
  • white PVA paint, scissors
  • paint balls
  • barbecue stick

how to make souvenir children's day eva clown (3)

How to make

1- Scratch the clown mold in the EVA with a barbecue stick and cut it with scissors.

2- With the black permanent pen make the eyes of the clown. With the paint balls or the tip of a straw, make with the white PVA paint, the white dots in the eyes and wait for the drying. With instant glue or hot glue, glue the clown’s nose, mouth and hair. To make the details of the cheek, apply makeup blush. Then glue the clown’s shirt, tie and arms.

how to make children's day souvenir from eva clown (4)

3- Wash and dry the milk carton properly and cut it in half and set aside. Cut out a strip of EVA large enough to line the whole milk carton, use instant glue to paste. Now just paste the clown in the box, put candies, chocolates and candies in it and your souvenir for Children’s Day is ready.

how to make eva clown children's day souvenir (6) how to make children's day souvenir from eva clown (5)

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