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Today I bring you step by step the Diaper Cake.

I can say that it is a beautiful decoration for the baby shower, and the guests love it, even asking if it is edible !!! lol …

I made this cake in 2009 for the baby shower of my puppy Arthur, who is now almost 6 years old.

As I created this blog to spread ideas for parties, decide to try to make the step by step available to you.


Well… shall we start?

Bill of materials
  • 1 plate of cake
  • Disposable diapers preferably in white and size P.
  • Amount of diapers? It will depend on the size of the cake you intend to make. In this case around 75 diapers
  • Elastics to fix the diapers
  • Decorative ribbons
  • Embellishments (stuffed animal, flowers and etc.)
  • This last item is your imagination, to decorate the cake your way, and I’m sure it will look beautiful.

See the images below. They explain everything!

Credits: Blog Fofurisis

Check out this other tip!

diaper bike

In these images, the cake was not placed on a cake plate, but I suggest you do, because it is easier to get around ok?

There… now just use your imagination to decorate. Here are some models:

diaper cake


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