Handmade kitten for decoration

One more wonderful thing that I found and share with you.

Credits www.sinimbu.com.br and collaborating artisan: Jana Ferreira

It is the step by step of this beautiful kitten for decoration.

Let’s learn? Look how beautiful it looks:

You will need:
  • Fabric;
  • Ribbons;
  • Hot glue;
  • Acrilon.
Get to work!

1. Cut tissues twice in each mold and sew them, leaving an opening to place the acrilon.


Click on the template to enlarge


2. Fill with acrylic material the material made in the previous step. That done, sew the tail in the opening of the lower body.


3. Cut a piece of ribbon and sew it on the heart. With hot glue, place the ornament on the cat’s neck.


4. To decorate, make two bows with the same ribbon: one for the neck and one for the ear. Then, paste them in the indicated locations.


Beautiful is not it?


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