When I saw this decoration I was in love.

Great option for yourself to be able to use as a cupcake holder or to put party sweets.

The Safari theme decor will be even more beautiful with this decorative item.

If you still have a little more disposition, you can try to make it smaller and use it as a centerpiece… I’m sure your guests will love it!

Who can do it?

For those who have a birthday party with the theme Zoo or Safari, see this giraffe table ornament made with paper rolls and cereal box, the good thing that ends up recycling these materials that go to waste. This cool idea I found on the website Kix Cereal. In this support of the giraffe you can place cupcakes, sweets or snacks. See the step by step:


Necessary materials: Empty cereal box, giraffe print paper (whoever wants to can paint instead of gluing the paper), movable eyes, rolls of paper towels or foil and hot glue.

How to make:

Draw two large circles on the cereal box and then on the paper with the giraffe print. With the hot glue, glue the circles together forming the support for placing the sweets.


With the rolls of paper make the legs, neck and head of the giraffe. Decorate them with giraffe print paper or paint them with craft paint.


To make the antennae of the giraffe use a cotton swab painted yellow.


To make the tail use thick cord or several rolled twine, paint half of it with black paint. Now make the giraffe’s mane with brown color set paper.



Source: KixCeral

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