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In this post I will teach you step by step how to make this beautiful ball of crepe paper roses!

This ball can be used in various decorations, that is, on a birthday, at a dinner, meeting with friends, baby shower or even a room decoration. Just use your imagination!

It should be noted that this tutorial was made by the blog The House of Smiths and the blog Amanda Parkeran Family, but it is of such creativity and delicacy that it must be shared with all of you.

  • Styrofoam balls
  • Crepe paper ribbons in the colors you choose
  • Hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun
  • A roll of duct tape
  • A ruler
Step by step:

Cut the rolls of crepe paper to 24 “strips.

That done, knead the strip a little to make it look more like fabric and start making the roses with the hot glue gun.

Roll it tightly and then roll it a little looser like a real rose. Every 4 or 5 turns put a point of glue on the end, where your thumb will be, to keep that part firm to roll.

In the winding also twist the paper to resemble a rose.

It is a little game of patience, and in the first roses you will have to have even more, but then get the practice and the other roses will be faster and easier.

In addition, some roses will look better than others, but do not heat your head, because when they are all together in the Styrofoam ball, you will see that the result will be wonderful.

Do not forget that when it is almost at the end of the crepe paper tape, add a little glue on the end and paste it folded under the rose, closing it.

When you have several roses ready, you can begin the process of gluing the Styrofoam ball.

For gluing on the Styrofoam ball, you must make a puddle of hot glue on the ball by lightly pressing the flower and you’re done!

To keep the Styrofoam ball on the table, you can use a roll of ribbon.

Be careful not to put the flowers too close together, because if they are, they will have a slightly smooth finish.

At the end, you can stick a ribbon and hang it on the wall. place it as a centerpiece or transform it into a topiary or even a garland!

And now just use your creativity !!!!

Kisses and good luck

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