Topiaries are excellent decorative items for any type of event, matching any occasion.

Therefore, our website brought you a step by step of a very simple topiary, made with colorful cardboard flowers.

Great suggestion as a table arrangement, or to use as a centerpiece at a birthday party, wedding, engagement, christening and among other diverse occasions.

Necessary materials:
  • Colored cardboards
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Vase
  • Wood stick
  • hot glue
  • Moss
  • Decorative ribbon


Cut cardboard strips in different colors.

Make some perforations in these strips, as in the image above.

Fit the end of this strip, another strip even thinner, the color of the core of your flower.


Then, with a pen, start to wrap these strips to form your flower.


After your flowers are ready, knead them a little on the petals to give a more perfect shape for your flower.


Once you’ve made all the flowers, start gluing them to your Styrofoam ball.


As for the vase, you should fill it with some material, like Styrofoam, for example.

Then apply the wooden stick over that material.


Line it with mosses, gluing them with hot glue.

Also glue the Styrofoam ball over the wooden stick and decorate your topiary to finish it off.


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