Well, to start my work on this blog that I did with such affection, I start sharing my own ideas and creations that I made for my son Arthur’s birthday when he celebrated his 3 years.

Well, after seeing so many beautiful works on the internet, I joined one idea with the other and made memories.

This Painted Chicken is for Door or Paper Weight.

Before I had this idea of ​​the Weight of Door or Paper, I had only one certainty for the Table Center: I wanted to present the guests with a souvenir that was useful and not the disposable ones, that the person comes home and throws away, because unfortunately , this is what happens in many cases.

I confess to you that it took some work, it took months making these beautiful chickens, besides the rush to find the right fabric among other details.

But what matters is the end. And in the end, they were beautiful and everyone loved it !!!!

I hope you like it too!!!

Obs .: I will try to explain how I made this memory, I am saying this because, when I made it, I had no idea that one day I would create this blog, that is… that means…. that I didn’t take any picture, except for it already ready

But I can say that it is not difficult to do, but you have to be patient, because you need to sew, glue, cut, etc … and there are several pieces to compose it, so for that reason it takes a little work.

Do it thinking about the goal, which is to decorate your child’s party, and please your guests, and I’m sure everyone will love it, even asking if you do it to sell!

Imagine, you naively just making souvenirs for your son or daughter’s birthday, discover that you have a gift? Do you discover what you can do to profit? That would be wonderful don’t you think?

Ah … lastly … you’ll be melting at the end of the party with lots of compliments … just like I was … lol …


Well… I’m going to stop writing a bit and let’s go to the list of materials!

I made 60 chickens, so I used:
  • 4 to 5 meters of blue Poá tricoline fabric (small balls, as there are other fabrics with larger balls, so it ends up de-characterizing a little of the chicken’s charm and delicacy.

  • Felt in colors: white, red, black and pumpkin.

  • Blue and red embroidery thread.

  • Blue sewing thread

  • Transparent plastic bags the size of a chicken or a little smaller.

  • Sand

  • For the filling, try to use synthetic cotton, much softer (also called acrylic cotton, cotton for filling or feather)

  • Needle

  • Universal glue


You will use tricoline fabric for the body, the base and the wings.

You will use the red felt for the crest, and for that part under the beak, which honestly, I don’t know the name. Excuse me. See the photo, that you will know what I’m talking about.

It will use the pumpkin felt for the beak and the chicken foot.

Cutting out the mold:

Make a copy of the scratches, cut out and pin the template on the tricoline and felt fabric.

Sew the body of the chicken with the base, but leaving a small opening in the top of the chicken, that is, in the head, as it will be through this gap that the sand and the filling will be placed. (it is advisable to use a sewing machine. If you don’t have it, ask a seamstress)

Once sewn, place the plastic bag inside the chicken’s body, leaving the mouth of the bag at your fingertips, and start adding sand (with the help of a small spoon or funnel). Fill her whole body, except the head, because it will be on the head that we will put the filling.

When you finish putting the sand, try to close the bag inside the chicken’s body.

Afterwards, start placing the filling and fill the entire missing internal area, leaving the head very firm with the filling.

Do not leave it too soft, as it will make it difficult to glue the external parts.

Sewing the wings. Join 2 cutout molds of the wing and join them by sewing with the buttonhole stitch, as it will be much more beautiful. Who does not know how to make the buttonhole stitch, do not despair. Look for video on youtube. There are several that will help and teach.

If it’s a comfort … I didn’t know it either, and I learned by watching videos. It is very quiet and learn fast !!!!

As for the crest, to give the effect of waves, sew only the bottom and pulled the thread. Here are pictures for demonstration.

crest step by step

Once the chicken body and the other pieces are ready, let’s start placing the external pieces.

Sew the wing at the height more or less in the middle between the head and the body, according to the illustrative photo of the chicken already ready. You can use the embroidery thread or blue sewing thread. To facilitate the joining of the pieces when sewing, use a pin in the middle of the 2 pieces.

Glue the crest with universal glue. To let the glue, fabric and felt stick and dry, after gluing, place a pin, and after having dried the crest on the fabric, you can remove it.

Glue the eyes, the beak, the chicken feet also using the universal glue.

Obs. I forgot to put the black ball mold that is inside the eyes. But it is simple. Only cut the black felt into the ball shape.

Good…. I really hope I helped, because without illustrative photo it gets a little difficult. But anyone who has doubts, you can ask me if, problems. It will be a pleasure to help further.

Kisses and until next time…

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Ana Paula Novais


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