How about making a little bag like that for your daughter, and maybe even giving away souvenirs at a birthday party?

Step by step:

You will cut two equal sizes of cardboard for the sides of the bag, as in the photo:

cardboard bag 2

Also cut a bottom for the bag and nail with masking tape or white glue:

pap cardboard bag 3

The same size on the side of the bag, cut out fabrics, gift papers or whatever you have at home colored that you paste on cardboard, to decorate your kitten’s purse!

pap cardboard bag 4

Use colored beads matching the paper you are going to put in the bag to make the string. To do it use hook line:

pap cardboard bag 5

Punch on the side of the cardboard to nail the straps you made! The result will be this, lindooo !!!!

pap cardboard bag 6

Tutorial: From here

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Ana Paula Novais



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