Guys… how about recycling PET bottles and using them to be part of an event decoration?

Check out this super cool recycling tip, turning the bottles into a candy stand.

In addition to being a beautiful decorative object, it is easy to make and you will still spend little


When viewing the photos, you will see that it is very self explanatory!

candy-holder-with-PET-bottle 2

The basis for the candy stand is a vinyl LP.

You can also use a cake pan, ceramic or glass plate, and even cardboard or whatever you prefer.

candy-holder-with-PET-bottle 3

You have to use a 10mm drill bit to enlarge the hole in the center of the vinyl to fit a 10mm dowel for the stand.

You will also use the same drill to drill a hole in the center of plastic containers that will be mounted on the dowel.

Drill from the inside through the bottom – it’s easier.

Where I copied this step by step does not say about the “dowel”, but I researched and found it similar.

Look for it as a “round wooden rod” or “10 mm cylindrical rod”.

candy-holder-with-PET-bottle 4

Push the containers onto the dowel and they will fit nice and comfortable, but you can add a little glue if you need to.

Use a highly resistant and durable adhesive glue.

candy-holder-with-bottle-PET 5

Before gluing everything in place, spray each part with Rust-Oleum 2X white flower satin.

candy-holder-with-PET-bottle 6

All individual containers are glued to the base using a hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Apply the glue to the base of each container and align everything in the same way.

Place all the containers around the base so that you can ensure a good fit and that each container touches the edge of the next one.

candy-holder-with-PET-bottle 7

After everything was stuck together, hold by the outdoor stand and spray with Rust-Oleum 2X pink candy gloss or any other desired color.

Guys, this paint is similar to Suvinil’s multipurpose spray. Look for spray paint …

candy-holder-with-bottle-PET 8

With a hot glue gun, decorate your way and preference.

candy-holder-with-bottle-PET 9

As the final touch on the decoration I applied a thin layer of white glue around the edge of each container and then sprinkled on some silver glitter.

candy-holder-with-PET-bottle 10
Last item was added a drop of wood on top as a handle and to end the chocolate stand.


If you want to make a mini PET bottle holder for table centerpieces, just use smaller PET bottles.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved this tip, please leave a comment, like it and share it with more people and see you next time.

Source: home-dzine

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