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As I have a little problem on my facebook page, I decided to post tomorrow’s post here.

It is a beautiful memory that can be a suggestion of centerpiece.

It’s a tin can with colored candies… in the shape of a Cupcake…. beautiful ins’t she?

Amount per kilo of confectionery: 4 pots with 250 grams each

Average time: 25 minutes

Credits: Create & Sell

  • Transparent cellophane
  • Delicate colored bullets
  • Small chocolate bonbon
  • Lead paper
  • Medium colored tin vase
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Transparent adhesive tape
  • Satin ribbon
  • White cardboard

Tip: Try different types of candies and colorful confectionery and create other combinations of colors and flavors.

Step by step

Step 1

Cut the cellophane in the square measure with 30 cm of side. Place an amount of confectionery proportional to the diameter of the vase


Step 2

Pack well, forming a package and close with transparent tape. With scissors, cut the leftover cellophane.


Step 3

With the zipper down, position the candy wrapper in the vase, making it very firm, as shown here.


Step 4

Wrap the candy in lead paper, rolling it several times to protect it


Step 5

With the double-sided tape, stick the candy over the candy wrapper. Use satin ribbon to decorate the vase with a bow. With white cardboard, make a card and write the message, or use a personalized tag.

It was ready… I loved… very beautiful…

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