Hi guys….

I apologize, because I have been missing from the blog these days solving particular problems … but now, I appear here again, and bringing you a new step by step.

This souvenir was made by me for my son’s 2nd birthday.

The theme was Cocoricó.

Jujube tree step by step here.

I will tell her story quickly.

I was searching the internet for souvenir suggestions for the theme. Then I found a model similar to this one.

I asked for the budget and it was very expensive. So I thought about how to do something similar and more affordable.

Out of the blue, I found a napkin holder on the internet with ice cream sticks and remembered my childhood at school, when I did !!!! lol.

Then a light went up in my head and I wondered if I could make a box with ice cream sticks.

I went to the store, bought a bag, glue and tested it at home…. and in the end it worked.

I was all happy… and then I made 60 more boxes !!!! lol

After I posted the photo on the blog, some people asked me step by step.

He said he didn’t have it yet, that he would make it available soon, but at that moment I made a brief explanation for them.

Well… now I’m keeping my promise and putting the photos step by step!

The step by step itself is very simple, but the gluing process takes more time and you have to be patient, because you glue stick by stick.

However, the result is rewarding and wonderful !!!

Box materials
  1. wood glue
  2. Ice cream stick (I bought colored, each bag with a different color, that’s why I made several boxes of different colors)
For decoration
  1. Straw (I put it in the box)
  2. Character in biscuit
  3. Gum in the shape of berries
  4. Plastic film (I wrapped each gum in the plastic film to be more hygienic and not to have directly counted on the straw)
  5. Thank you tag
Step by step

Note: I took pictures of the ready-made box, but each side you will first make separately, in the end to compose all the pieces to form the boxes!

For the base, glue 10 toothpicks, as shown in the illustration below. (ignore the toothpicks on the side, because this box is ready ok?)

For the sides, there are 5 toothpicks for each side. (In this photo the box is ready, but you will first glue 5 sticks for 1 side and 5 more sticks for the other side. You will do everything separately and then put the pieces together to compose the boxes, in the next step ok?)

When the toothpicks on the sides are well glued, very firm, it’s time for you to fix them upright on the base. Glue and hold until they are well bonded. (again, as this box is already ready, ignore the three toothpicks in the front and the 3 in the back, pretend that at this moment they do not exist, so you can mentally visualize how this step looks)

Then, it’s time for you to stick 3 toothpicks on the front of the box and 3 more toothpicks on the back of the box.

In this you will have to be holding from toothpick to toothpick until the glue fixes.

Now just decorate to your taste.

In my souvenir I put straw, doll in the theme biscuit and gum in the shape of berries.

I hope you enjoyed it and I apologize for taking a picture of a ready-made box, because I made this souvenir 2 years ago, and I was very sorry to dismantle it… but in case you need to do it for you !!!!

Having doubts just write!


Jujube tree step by step here.

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