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Beautiful souvenir where you can use for various themes, just change the print: Enchanted Garden, Princesses, Dolls and etc …

It can be made with juice box or milk box and is lined with fabric.

  • milk or juice box
  • cotton cloth
  • white PVA paint
  • stiff bristle brush
  • scissors, white glue
  • hot glue
  • decorated ribbons

Mother's Day Milk Carton Box Recycling (4)

Wash the box with soap and water. Cut the ends of the top and bottom of the box.

Cut the box in half to form a rectangle measuring 19 cm x 21.5 cm. With another box, cut a 3.5 x 25 cm strip to make the basket handle.

Mother's Day milk carton box recycling (6)

Before covering the box with the fabric, it is good to apply a layer of white paint so that the brand name does not appear. Wait for drying.

Mother's Day Milk Carton Basket Recycling (7)

With the help of a hard bristle brush, apply a generous layer of white glue to the box, carefully place the fabric to line the box, use the spatula or even your hand to secure the fabric well. Repeat the same process to line the handle of the basket. Wait for drying.

Mother's Day Milk Carton Box Recycling (8)

Before assembling the basket, you must first make the markings where you will make the cuts, as shown in the figure below. I made the markings with a pen for you to see better, but the ideal is to use a pencil, so it doesn’t appear in the basket. Then make the cuts with scissors. See the figure below:

Mother's Day Milk Carton Box Recycling (9)

To assemble the box, first join the sides where you cut and paste with hot glue or instant glue. It will be in the shape of an open basket. Then glue the handle to the basket. To finish the box, add bows, decorative ribbons or lace. Inside the basket I put mini candles in the shape of a star and heart, but you can put soaps, chocolates or another treat.


Source: Creative Panel

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