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Today I bring you a suggested Baby Shower gift or Baby Shower invitation template.

Let’s learn?

I found it on the blog at http://blogdopassoapasso.blogspot.com.br.

She said she managed to make 25 units with the suggested material and it was super cheap.

  • 2 EVA sheets decorated with different prints.
  • Scissors
  • pencil or pen
  • paper for the mold
  • EVA glue or hot glue
  • Color plus paper of the desired color
  • inkjet printer
Step by step

1. Draw the cup mold on paper and cut out.


Click on the image to enlarge it, before saving it

2. Using the template, scratch part 1 of the cup on one of the EVAs and on the other stamp part 2. Carefully cut out using scissors.


cup 4

3. Apply glue to part 1, as shown in the photo, and glue part 2. Wait for it to dry.

cup 5cup 6

4. Make the art of the tea packaging on the computer, according to the pattern, writing what you want and then print it on color plus paper.

cup 7



cup 8

5. Place the tea bag in the package and close.

cup 9cup 10

6. Put the bag inside the cup, it’s already dry and it will be a success for sure!

cup 11cup 12

Source: http://blogdopassoapasso.blogspot.com.br

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