If you know someone who knows how to work with wood, you can ask them to cut 3 MDF discs and make a tower out of these.

Another option is to look in R $ 1.99 stores and buy large plates (of various sizes) and tall glasses or bowls. Then just paste one on top of the other, it gives a very beautiful effect too!

See the step by step and create at home too!

Materials you will need

– 3 cardboard disks of 8, 10 and 12 cm

– White scrapbooking paper (can be colored too)

– Some thick paper to use on the underside of the discs

– Decorated ribbon

– 2 cans filled with sand or pebbles

– Cardboard to line the cans

– Foam cylinder or something wide and low to use as a base

– Hot glue

– Pen

– Scissors

Step by step

Reserve all the material you are going to use for the crafts.


See the type of foam that was used to compose the base!

Cupcake-Tower-How-to-Step-2 (1)

Place drops of hot glue on the cardboard discs and after leaving it ready for gluing, paste the scrapbooking paper (already cut) on top.


It will stay this way.


Do the same thing on the 3 discs you have arranged.


Performing the same procedure, you will glue the paper to the bottom. This will give the tower a nicer finish, even if it doesn’t appear.


With the can you are going to use in hand, you must measure the paper size to cover it. In these step-by-step images you notice that cardboard was used to make the tower. But you can also use coach paper, craft paper or any other cooler paper you choose.


Using the chosen paper, you will cover the paper.


Measure to find the required paper size to cover the base. Also do the same process to cover it, using only little pieces of hot glue to glue the paper completely.


With the 3 bases covered, it’s time to start assembling the tower.


Take the ruler and pen to make the mark in the center of the discs. This way you will know where you will be able to glue the bases.


You should mount it as follows:


Foam base (or other material) be lower + larger disc.


Tin base on top of the largest disc and medium disc on top of the first can base.


Second can base on top of the medium disk and smaller disk on top of everything.


After making the structure, it’s time to decorate it! In doing so, we will try to hide the cardboard that is still showing. You can also use the ribbon if you prefer, which can be made of fabric or ribbon. Ribbon are those colored plastic ribbons, which are usually used to wrap gifts. What matters is that you take a similar material, which is beautiful and presentable to make the finish.


With the help of the hot glue, you will stick the top part of the tape right on the edges of the discs.


Do this on all disks in the tower. Note that the tape passes a little. Just a little bit on top, to hide the cardboard completely. And below, you let it go, so that the disc looks nice, very chubby.


It will look like this.


It will be cute. In addition to cupcakes you can add assorted sweets, savory, biscuits or whatever you can imagine. Put your creativity to work and create beautiful towers to decorate your party.

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