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This weekend was the party for my 4 year old puppy and he wanted the Mickey theme.

It was a simple party reserved for the family, so I decided to do everything on my own, except for the cake and snacks.

So, I didn’t want to hire decoration.

But I was at an impasse, because the only Mickey he has in plush, is Mickey Wizard, so I decided that the party would be on this theme.

I started looking on the internet for decorations and souvenirs related to this theme, and amazingly … I found practically nothing.

Conclusion: I had to put my head to work!

Thinking about souvenirs, I always like to do something useful, where the person can use it later, so I started with the centerpiece.

I went with my mother to these “has it all” stores and found a very interesting plastic pot, but it had a picture of a bird!

I was looking at him and thinking about what could become!

At the time there was no idea in my head, but as I liked the pot, I took a chance and decided to buy the necessary amount and took them home.

After a day, I had the idea of ​​making a Mickey hat, since that is the main highlight of Mickey Mago, in order to cover that little picture of the bird.

And the result was like this:



I found it super interesting and I was very proud of myself, because I ended up creating an original souvenir.

The cool thing is that afterwards if the person doesn’t want more, just remove the decoration and enjoy the pot.

I took pictures and I will now post you step by step!

  • Round plastic pot
  • Blue cardboard
  • Silver paper
  • Glue for crafts or white glue
  • Satin ribbons or grosgrain ribbons to decorate (I liked working with grosgrain ribbons more)
  • Bullets and candy paper
  • Scissors
  • Stiletto
  • Birthday Hat Template

Look at the pot I bought:




1) With the lid of the jar, make a circle on the cardboard, if possible on the back of the cardboard.

When you cut the circle, it will be a little bigger than the lid, it will cut until you cover the lid of the door, without leaving any edges, and stick with white glue or craft glue (the latter is more effective).



2) after, glue the satin ribbon around the pot.



3) cut the hat mold on the cardboard (it is available down there in this post).

Before gluing the hat, shape it in the jar to see the correct size and after glue only the ends.

After the hat is ready, put glue on the ends of the hat, inside, close the satin ribbon, and fit the hat to be fixed to the size.

It is true that the first ones will not be perfect, but then you will get the technique and improve in the others, so much so that, when I finished them all, I was redoing the first ones, because I didn’t like it very much.

In this model below, I put a silver ribbon!


4) This step 4 did not take photos, so as not to keep showing that part where the hat closes, I had the idea of ​​giving a better finish.

I took the same ribbon, stuck it on the tip of the hat and stuck it down to the bottom, making it like this.


5) Finally, cut out the moon and stars on the silver paper, and paste on the souvenir.



(at the time of printing, enlarge the hat until it is the size of an A4 or A3 sheet)

birthday hat png

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Ana Paula Novais


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