Hello guys! All right?

I brought a very charming tutorial, it is a curtain of hearts, or a panel of hearts.

Excellent suggestion to decorate your engagement, wedding.

In addition, if you change hearts for other themes, such as: flowers, pets, butterflies, stars, crowns, you can use these ideas in various types of decorations and occasions.

We will try?

This tutorial is from the blog Casando sem Grana By Letícia Torres


* Polyester ribbon that imitates satin – also known as mouse tail;

* Hollow pearls;

* Cardboards for hearts.



1. Measure the height of the place where you will place the curtain and cut the thread longer than this height – because as you tie the knots, the thread will shorten ;)Then tie a knot at one end of the thread.


2. Burn the other end of the thread so that it passes more easily through the hole in the pearl. Obs. When buying the materials, remember to check if the thread is suitable to pass through the pearl hole.


3. Pass the pearls until they reach the knot on the other side of the thread, and tie another knot. I chose to put 10 pearls, but you can make it bigger if you want.


4. Measure the distance of the pearls to tie a knot equivalent to their size and leave a space without pearls, which is where you will glue the heart. Do this several times until the wire is complete.


5. The space without pearls will depend on the size of the heart you want to use. With ten pearls I used hearts of two heights – 8 cm and 6 cm. Make the beads count so that they are proportional to the heart, to give more harmony to the curtain.


6. Now just cut the hearts and paste with white glue. Choose your colors and get to work :)

My curtain looked like this:


And the template I used was this one:


So, try to do it, right?

Source: Casando sem monana by Letícia Torres

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