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I was completely in love with this cherry blossom bladders.

It is a little different from the one I posted step by step on the blog.

Credits: www.paperglitter.com


  • 5 12-inch neon pink balloons
  • 1 white 12 inch balloon
  • portable air pump
  • Black adhesive tape
  • Black round stickers
  • Double-sided tape * scissors

Step 1:

Cut 15 strips of black adhesive tape, 5 of which are 10 cm in size and the other 10 strips in 8 cm.

Step 2:

If you don’t find black round sticker, you can make a circle mold and cut it just like the photo below. 15 round stickers will be required.

Step 3:

For the petals, inflate 5 pink balloons about the same size. Tip: For size uniformity, fill each balloon in a pot until it fits comfortably inside before you tie it

Step 4:

Starting at the base of a pink balloon, apply a 10 cm strip vertically.

Step 5:

Starting from the base, apply the other 2 strips of 8 cm on both sides. Realize that the strips placed on the side are smaller than the central strip.

Step 6:

Apply a black round sticker to the top of each strip.

Step 7:

Repeat steps 4 through 6 for the rest of the four pink balloons.

Step 8:

Form a set of petals, applying a small piece of double-sided tape between each balloon and stick it on the wall.

Step 9:

Inflate the white balloon to the center of the flower. Tip: Insert the balloon in a pan slightly smaller than the one you used for the other balloons, until it fits comfortably inside before tying it up.

Step 10:

Place a double-sided tape over the mouth of the white balloon and fit it in the center of the petal cluster.

And now, make as many flowers as you need to decorate your party.

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