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In this post I bring some very cool ideas for yourself to make a beautiful party panel.

The panel makes all the difference being a complement to make your decoration much more beautiful.

There are several types of panels, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, where all, made with much love and care will enhance your party.

Let’s check it out?

Panel made with crepe paper

I made this panel myself at some home parties, and besides being super attractive in price, because crepe paper is cheap, it is very easy to make. Check out the complete walkthrough in this link.


Image (http://www.acasaqueaminhavoqueria.com)

This option below is super cool, just twist the crepe paper ribbon until it is thin and fix it underneath, giving this effect.


Source: Annies Eats

Panel made with satin ribbon

The idea is the same as the crepe paper, it is made more beautiful by the satin shine, however, it makes it a little more expensive.

Check out the complete walkthrough in this link.


Source: Firulas By Juliana Negrão


Source: Party Architects

Panel made with disposable plates

This news is booming, and several moms are embracing this idea. You didn’t read it wrong, they are panels made with disposable plates, and the final price is also attractive.

See more idea in this link.


Source: Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHzOC3r1tDo


Curtain panel

This is also beautiful! Depending on the theme, just adapt: ​​birds, butterflies, balls, mickey, minnie among others.

Use and abuse creativity. Check out the step by step in this link


This tutorial is from the blog Casando sem Grana By Letícia Torres

Panel with nature or landscape

How about taking advantage of the place where the party will be held and using it to your advantage? Outdoor decorations have this option, to use nature as part of the decoration.

Source: Daiane Aparecido Bastos

baby tea


Credits: Roberta Gomes Verdi

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