Guys… how are you?

But a help and doubt that I will clarify for you!

I was also asked how to make this flower with 5 petals… and as I never did, I had to search the internet and post it for you!

This time the credits go to the website Portal do balloon – Decoration course with balloons

Production: Eduardo Seiti

Photos: Eduardo Seiti

Participation: Everson Simizu

Step by step:

Inflate 2 clusters of 2 orange balloons at 4 ”and a cluster of 2 balloons with 1 orange balloon at 4” and a Lemon Yellow balloon at 3

Start by joining the two equal clusters.

Join the last cluster of 2 balloons forming a cluster of 6 balloons.

See how the flower looks, still unstable because it is not stuck on a plane

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Ana Paula Novais


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