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After so many beautiful decorations shown to you on the Facebook page, some people came to ask me how to put one balloon inside the other to make their decorations.

So, I managed to find a really cool tutorial for you to decorate the parties.

It can be used as a centerpiece, it can decorate the baby shower, christening, birthdays, whatever … it will depend a lot on your creativity.

The images are very self explanatory and will help a lot.

Youre gonna need it:
  • 2 balloons, one transparent (or crystal) and the other colored. Both can be the same size or the colored balloon can be smaller. Here we use two of the same size.
  • 1 hand pump to inflate balloons.

Everything is found in any party supply store!

Note: If you are going to attach the balloon with ribbons to decorate in a cachepΓ³ or leave it on a table, you will need helium gas in both.

Now, if you want to put it in a bladder holder (the one that looks like a straw, stick), you don’t need to use helium gas, combined?
As well, if you want to put them stuck on the ceiling, you also don’t need helium gas, just double-sided tape.

The first step will be to place the colored balloon inside the transparent balloon. Manually, no secrets!

(photo google images)

Placing the colored balloon inside the transparent

It may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. You just need a little start!

Go pushing the colored balloon inside, with your finger

And in the end, you have 1 balloon inside the other! Align the “mouths” of the balloon well, leaving the inside slightly outward!

Now, you will take the inhaler and place it between the transparent and colored balloons. What we want to do is fill the transparent balloon first!

Now just fill the balloon outside holding the nozzle well so as not to let the air out. Take care not to overfill because it will get bigger when you fill it up!

When the outside balloon is a good size, you will hold the tip of the balloons and place the inlet mouth inside the inside balloon. If you let the mouth of the colored balloon out a little bit, it is very easy to do it!

When the balloons are the size you want, just remove the inhaler and knot the mouths. This knotting part is the most difficult of all. The fuller the balloons, the harder it is to tie the knot. But nothing that can’t be solved with practice!

Once the knot is tied, this is the result! It looks beautiful and makes a big impact on guests! πŸ˜‰

Now just put it on a balloon stick and put it on your table center. If you want the balloons to float by themselves, then you need to do this using helium gas.

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