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I did a really cool tutorial on how to stick balloons on the ceiling!

The effect is just wonderful!

Let’s learn?

As you can see it is a very beautiful decoration, and it gives a wonderful effect to the party.

I’m sure the guests will love it!

The balloon itself provides us with this beautiful decoration, because, in addition to being accessible to everyone, it still exists in various sizes, shapes and colors.

So let’s go to the tutorial, which is what matters… .srsrs…

  • Bladders (in the color and shape of your preference)
  • Helium gas pump (advisable)
  • Satin ribbon or ribbons approximately 2 cm thick and the color you prefer.
  • Scissors;
  • Double-sided tape. (advisable)

Note: As I said, the helium gas pump is advisable. But so that you don’t want to rent, for example, buy a double tape that is very resistant, and stick it on the ceiling with just the double-sided tape.

Note 1: As for the helium gas machine, you can rent it at party and decoration stores.

Note 2: If you do not want to use helium gas, be sure to use double-sided adhesive tape, as it is much more resistant, and better than durex or masking tape. At least it will prevent the bladders from falling off the ceiling at the time of the party!

Obs 3: You still have the option, instead of tying the balloons with satin ribbon or ribbon, you can choose, tying them with metallic ribbons. It is a good suggestion for parties with disco themes, or that have a dance floor.

Obs 4: Be careful when choosing bladder colors. Make the option of a maximum of four vibrant colors, in order to leave the party with a harmonious decoration. But this is a tip, because you know better the colors that should be used for your party.

Step by step:
  1. Fill the balloons with gas.
  2. After tying the knot, tie a piece of about 30cm of satin ribbon (it can be the same color as the bladder or a very different color for contrast). But be careful with the size of the tapes, as being too big, you risk hitting the guests on the head. Make sizes in proportion to the height of the ceiling.
  3. Choose the place on the ceiling where the balloons will be attached.
  4. Glue small pieces (about 5cm) of double-sided tape to the bladders and attach to the ceiling.

Now just use your creativity when placing your bladders on the ceiling. They can be placed alone or grouped, as you see fit!


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Source: Diário do Nordeste


Source: Diário do Nordeste


Source: Animated Balloon

canopy ceiling

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