by Hugo Tanaka

On 26.08.21

A cake with roses makes the decoration more alive and delicate. With this flower it is possible to harmonize and obtain a cake for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings. Roses can be natural, artificial or made with frosting. Check out 90 ideas and how to make an unforgettable rose cake!

90 photos of cake with roses for a delicate celebration

When using roses in the bakery, you need to be careful. After all, despite being a flower that harmonizes with any commemorative date, it is necessary to be careful not to sin by exaggeration. Here are 90 ways to use roses in cake decorating.

1. Are you looking for a rose cake?

Yana Rossetto

2. This type of decoration is very versatile

Nape Point

3. Because it matches any commemorative date

Raiane Cristina Confectionery

4. Roses still add a touch of sophistication to the bakery

sweet jujube cakes

5. Another positive point is that this type of flower has several colors

Dayse Felix

6. In this way, it is possible to make personalized cakes


7. For example, each cascade cake will be unique

Juliana Merli

8. Minimalist decor is cake-shaped perfection

Janaina Karla

9. The cake with red roses draws attention due to the contrast

Isabel ⚜️ Cakes and Sweets

10. Especially if the coverage is white

Sweet🍒Dream | 𝓹𝓸𝓻 𝓥𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓼

11. Roses can harmonize with other styles of cake

Carmem Silva

12. The rose-topped cake is the right choice

Radaic’s Bakery

13. As is the cake with whipped roses

Ana Clara

14. They may have colors that nature cannot produce

Ale Menezes

15. How about a cake with pink roses?

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

16. This flower color is delicate in the right measure

Careful – Artistic Cakes

17. It oozes sophistication when combined with white


18. When it comes with gold, it’s pure charm

Confectionery | gay currency

19. Perfection will appear in the smallest details

Lazaro Cakes

20. Use whipped cream in the same color as the roses

Nadia Borges

21. This makes it possible to have a classic decor

Shuellen Teixeira

22. But that has a contemporary feel

Isabela Santos

23. Making artificial roses is a guarantee of uniformity

Ingrid Rodrigues

24. They will all have the same color tone

LM Lidy Marques

25. The whipped cream topping allows for different styles

Atelier Doce Deleitte

26. And makes the chosen colors even more vivid

Raiane Cristina Confectionery

27. Whipped cream roses look like they’ve just come out of a garden


28. However, nothing will beat a cake with natural roses

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

29. Natural flowers give an incredible drape to the roof.

Rita Cakes

30. Even if they are not placed inside the cover

Grace Sweets – Cakes and Sweets

31. Bet on spatulate for a refined finish

Sônia Gomes – Divino Atelier

32. This technique is a charm in itself

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

33. In turn, the watercolor cake is very contemporary

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

34. On the other hand, the garnished cake is a timeless classic

WOW! Made with love

35. The icing nozzle can make a retro topping

Piri Confectionery by Milene

36. The cake with yellow roses can please all audiences

Prestige Confectionery

37. However, the more flowers and colors, the better for the eyes

Cristina Pies

38. After all, we also eat with our eyes


39. The cake also needs to be photogenic

Jacyara Lima

40. Therefore, a cake with roses is very unstapleable


41. How about talking a little about a cake with roses for your birthday?

Atelier Doce Vida by Wanderson

42. This special date should be celebrated in style

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

43. Because each year of life is another chapter of a beautiful story

Shuellen Teixeira

44. The birthday cake must follow the honoree’s style

Fabridoce ®

45. In some cases it will be difficult to tell if roses are natural or not


46. ​​Sometimes even the flower itself will be edible


47. The color combinations are practically endless

Thamires Coast Cakes

48. Use American paste for a flawless decoration


49. The shine will make the cake the star of your party

Jayne Felix

50. This will help highlight a specific point in the decor

Michele Nascimento Confectionery

51. If the party is big, raise the floors

Rita Cakes

52. A memorable day deserves a cake to match, literally


53. However, a smaller cake does not mean it is less significant

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

54. The important thing is that the cake reflects someone’s personality

Piri Confectionery by Milene

55. It doesn’t matter if it’s minimalist

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

56. Or if you have a little more detail

Sweet Ria | Confectionery

57. Roses will always be a wild element in the bakery


58. With them all decorations are complete

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

59. Flowers also give the necessary cute touch

DOCIÊ- Deisy Gomes de Souza

60. Did anyone out there order naked cake with roses?

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

61. The drip cake with roses cannot be left out either

pricilla irys

62. Much less the watercolor cake

Monaliza Lima Confectionery

63. If a wave cake spoke, it would ask for roses in its decoration


64. The cachepot cake can match the color of the roses

Isabel ⚜️ Cakes and Sweets

65. Roses can also contrast with the rest of the cake

Isabel ⚜️ Cakes and Sweets

66. This highlights the flowers and the cake as a whole.

RR sweet chocolates

67. In this case, the ideal is to test different combinations

Shuellen Teixeira

68. Some of them might be more classic

Sweet Lia

69. Others can be more vibrant

House of Sugar🍭🍡🎂Deya Enchantments

70. Don’t forget to consider using pastel shades

Bias sweets

71. The shades close to neon are also very welcome

confectionery with love

72. Different decoration patterns can make the cake unique

sweets games

73. The cake with wedding roses is guaranteed to be present at parties

𝐷𝑐𝑒𝑙𝑒 𝐶𝑜𝑛𝑓𝑒𝑖𝑡𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑎

74. Every detail will make your cake very special

Yolanda Artistic Cakes

75. And the person being honored will feel this affection for her

Junior Cakes

76. The use of flowers in gastronomy is not a recent thing

Brena Maranhão

77. This trend allows using artificial or natural flowers

Art & Paper

78. Or edible flowers made with some kind of confection

Débora Queiroz

79. The use of roses in the coverage is very varied

Isabel ⚜️ Cakes and Sweets

80. Even when all the coverage is a single rose

Isabel ⚜️ Cakes and Sweets

81. Each cake must be thought out and planned with great care

Cake workshop

82. In addition to being tasty, they should be pleasing to the eye.


83. For this, it is necessary to know several techniques and references

the sweet bite

84. This way it is possible to stimulate creativity


85. In order to create unique and unforgettable rose cakes


86. In time, it will be natural to see the best way to decorate them

gabi cakes

87. This will happen with more training and different types of cake

cecci confectionery

88. Roses will have a specific purpose

Isabela Almeida Confectionery

89. What is decorating and beautifying cakes


90. Just as they do with gardens and arrangements

Shuellen Teixeira

With these wonderful ideas it’s easy to decide how roses will look on your next cake. Is not it? For this, it is necessary to know how to prepare them and how to harmonize them when confectioning.

How to bake cake with roses

In the bakery, it’s not all flowers. Sometimes, someone can sin through excess. Be it ingredients, frosting or, in this case, roses. Before getting your hands dirty, see how to make a rose cake:

How to make roses with whipped cream

Confectioner Lorena Gontijo teaches how to make roses with whipped cream. For this, she gives tips on how to make these flowers using icing tips. During the video, she gives tips on how to start making the flowers, which is a crucial moment for a good final result.

cake with rosettes

Making rosettes for a cake can be easier for those just starting out. After all, this technique can be done directly on the cake and does not need any equipment other than the spout. In this way, the baker Lorena Gontijo teaches how to make a cake decorated with rosettes.

Sugar rose for cake top

A practical way to make a cake topper is to use elastic dough. This can make the flowers look more realistic. In addition, elastic dough is more resistant than whipped cream to temperature variations. To learn how to make this decoration and have several tips on how not to make mistakes when making them, see the video of the baker Clara Guimarães.

Tips on natural flowers in cakes

Some people may turn up their noses when they think of natural flowers in cakes. However, betting on this decorative feature has been increasingly common in several areas of gastronomy. Confectioner Vivian Bentancor clears several doubts about the use of natural flowers in a cake.

Using roses and other plants in cake decorations makes the confectionery more creative. This happens regardless of whether they are natural or not. Therefore, a great way to prepare your party is with a cake with flowers.