Using arrangements and balloons is one of the tips to make the celebration even more beautiful

The year-end parties are a very special time to socialize with family and close friends. Often only at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we managed to unite everyone, celebrate another cycle of life and celebrate the arrival of the new year. For the occasion to be complete, in addition to having a table full of delicacies, it is also necessary to think about the decoration of the space to ensure the festive atmosphere.

According to Mariana Perylo, from the Perylampo Store, Christmas decoration calls for bright tones like red and green. To compose the table setting and the dining room, it is worth betting on arrangements of bubble balloons, those transparent ones that have another balloon inside. “Even with a traditional decoration, the bubble is always a good option. With it you can invest in creativity and make different combinations of colors and prints. In addition to lasting for weeks, it makes the party more cheerful and playful. Children love it ”, he explains.

To decorate the tree, in addition to the traditional balls, Mariana’s tip is to use licensed ornaments from the main characters of the Disney classics. “These stories are part of the childhood of many generations, so the whole family identifies,” he says. It is also interesting to use balloons in the shape of a cane and with the face of Santa Claus. If the party has a table of sweets and treats, then the decoration can be even more complete with the use of decorative molds with Christmas prints. Another option is the mirrored acrylic cake tops, which give a sophisticated and special touch. They can be in the colors of red, gold and silver.

For New Year’s Eve, the tones should be softer with lots of white, gold and touches of light colors. “As there is the symbolism and the meanings of the colors for the year that is starting, it is interesting to place items according to the person’s desire. Yellow for money, pink for love, green for hope, red for passion and blue for tranquility ”, says Mariana.

In the decoration of the party it is also worth betting on arrangements with bubbles and metallic balloons. “They guarantee a festive and elegant effect, as long as they are used in light tones”, he explains. Another tip is balloons in the form of numbers. With them it is possible to set up a space wishing to welcome the coming year. To make the table more beautiful, both at Christmas and at New Year’s Eve, the suggestion is to invest in lacquer or silver trays. “If you don’t have it at home and don’t want to buy it, you can rent it at specialized stores. The decoration is beautiful and the object will not fall into disuse in the closet ”, concludes Mariana Perylo.

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