It is possible to have an intimate and fun celebration without spending a lot

Celebrating is always a pleasure. Whether to celebrate a new age, baptism or baby shower, it is a reason to gather friends and family in a festive atmosphere. But, the act of planning and organizing a big event has a certain level of difficulty and some people don’t know how to do it. The alternative found by many is to hire companies that work with the production of parties. Another more economical option, for those who want to spend little, is to celebrate at home using decorative kits.

According to Mariana Perylo, from Perylampo Store, holding the celebration at home is a great opportunity to make a more intimate event, holding on to the presence of close friends and family. By saving on space, the budget is more slack to be spent on decoration, for example, which helps make the party even more charming. “The first step is to choose the theme. From there, it is possible to see the items that fit together to enhance the decor”, he explains.

Currently, there are already options for ready-made decorations on the market. This helps to save parents’ time, which can be devoted to other activities. At the Perylampo Store, for example, there are complete decorative lines inspired by various themes, such as Super Heroes, Peppa Pig, Star Wars, Super Mario and Adventurers. “Among the items, you can find disposable items, cardboards, candles, invitations, panels and party favors”, says Mariana. Another tip is to invest in custom helium gas balloon arrangements.

To complete, the table should contain a cake and themed treats, which help to decorate the space and ensure guests’ satisfaction. “When decorating the table, the ideal is to use colored trays and supports”, he says. Mariana also suggests that before buying the items, you need to make a list with everything you need so you don’t forget anything. To entertain the children, the suggestion is to rent toys, such as trampoline or ball pool. “The important thing is to abuse creativity and animation”, concludes Mariana Perylo.

Agenda sent by Manu Ferreira da 4Comunicação

Images provided by Mariana from Perylampo Festas.

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