Is it your birthday and you want to celebrate it in a special way? Or maybe one of your family and would you like to surprise him? If the answer to any of these two questions is yes, and you have a place abroad – of course – where you can organize original birthday parties, dare to celebrate the outdoor event. You will see what success!

original birthday parties garden party
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I have always like them The outdoor celebrations. Either a birthday party or any other event to celebrate. That is why it seems to me that, now that the weather is on our side and time permits, we have to make the most of the opportunity.

So if there is little left for your birthday, or for one of your kids (or older), decide and organize an original garden party. Everyone they will have a great time and the event will be remembered for a long time by friends and family.

How to organize original birthday parties

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original birthday garland paper parties
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The most important thing in a party, birthday or not, is to achieve May everyone feel at ease. Therefore, one of the first things you should do is think about who the party is for, how are those who make up the guest list. It is not the same to organize a birthday celebration for your child and his friends to do it for an adult.

Of course, there are things that can not be missing so much if the birthday boy meets 6 springs as if they are 45. Namely: cheerful garlands, Music, balloons and birthday cake. I need to mention some other things that I will tell you later.

Put a fun touch with garlands

original birthday parties garland car mobel
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Whether it's a children's party or an adult celebration, on a birthday abroad, garden decoration is very important. Although in these cases the plants and flowers put the green note, they cannot be missing cheering elements Even more space.

original birthday parties garland pennants cloth
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Choose, for example, funny garlands with children's motifs and colorful colors if you are going to decorate birthday parties for children, and more elegant models if the party is an adult. They can be paper, cloth, etc. You can even make them yourself If you have time and you feel creative.

original birthday parties balloons
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Another element that will give you a lot of play are the balloons. There is nothing simpler and more colorful than filling the garden with colorful balloons. If you want a multicolored result, inflate several colors. Although you will also get a great effect if you combine only two or three tones and you coordinate them with the other elements: garlands, paper tablecloths, napkins, etc.

Do not miss the table detail

original birthday parties decorated soft drinks
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When serving the snack, every detail counts. Therefore, you will also have to take care Table decoration You will find endless accessories on the market that will make your task much easier.

original birthday parties paper cups
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Not only can you coordinate all the elements, from the tablecloths to the glasses and plates, but there are Disposable tableware which, besides being very decorative, will not give you any work. They are used, discarded and ready!

Adult birthdays allow you to decorate the table in a different way. Although the party is held in the garden, you can choose to ride An elegant table. It all depends on the style you want to give the event.

The snack or the menu, to the taste of the guests

original birthday parties dishes use and throw
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Will the guests at your party not exceed 12 years of age, more or less? So You can't miss the sweets. You can put an original note preparing for the kids a cart of jelly beans. They will stay with their mouths open!

original birthday cupcakes
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And if cooking is your thing, throw yourself at prepare some delicious cupcakes, Perfect for young and old. As for the cake, the possibilities are endless. If you choose thinking about what most people may like, you will be sure.

Also, so that nobody gets bored once time goes by, it would not hurt if you had some prepared games and hobbies for guests. The children have a lot of fun if you are directing them in the game. And although the guests are of legal age, there are also original ideas that you can put into practice.

For example, how about breaking the ice during the initial moments of the party with a photocall? You only need a panel that you can place at the entrance. Decorate it in some fun way, or write an original phrase on it, and as the guests arrive, invite them to take a picture To remember. Here are some ideas for photocalls for a party.

Something that does not fail is to get a printer and print the photos of each of the guests to be able to hang them right there on some panel that you have prepared for it. They can even leave behind a dedication for the birthday boy. Funny, right?

All these ideas will make your birthday parties a lot More fun and original. What other elements would you include?

More ideas to decorate a children's party and achieve success

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