Do you want a beautiful souvenir suggestion, simple to make and affordable?

Today I bring a very nice suggestion, which are Glass bottles (long neck beer bottles), for example, capped with bladders.

The cool thing is that you can do for various themes, and even use as a centerpiece and decorate with bows, flowers or even bladders.

As for the Silk Pompoms, just click and see the step by step (CLICK HERE AND SEE THE FOOTSTEPS)

You will need:
  • Glass bottles
  • Bladders n ° 11
  • Items for decoration of your preference: bows, lace, flowers, bladders, among others

The author of this creativity was Thammy Souza.

Congratulations Thammy, this is proof that you can do something beautiful and creative and spend little.

Check out a video teaching the step by step:

Source: Buba Balloons

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