Knowing how to calculate the amount of food for children’s parties can avoid many constraints or waste. To get the portions right, you need to consider the number of guests, the age group, the duration of the event, the menu, among other factors.

Organizing a child’s birthday party is not one of the easiest tasks. The list of preparations includes choice of theme, preparation of invitations, decoration, entertainment options and menu. In this last item, it is essential to know estimates of the amount of snacks, cake, sweets and drinks.

Calculating the amount of food at a children’s party is not a big deal. (Photo: Disclosure)

Learn how to calculate the amount of food for children’s parties

Talking about children’s parties is something that encompasses countless details, so there is always a doubt that haunts parents in the weeks before the party: How to calculate the amount of food for children’s parties? The answer to this question depends on the time, the profile of the guests, among other factors.


See below a list that gathers the amount of food per person:

  • Sweetie: 3 units per adult / 2 units per child
  • Chips: 6 units per adult and 5 units per child
  • Soda: 100 ml per child and 600 ml per adult
  • Juice: 400 ml per person;
  • Beer: 600 ml per person (adult);
  • Water: 200 ml per person;
  • Cake: 100 g (1 slice) per person (including children and adults).

In the case of barbecue:

  • Beef: 200 g per person
  • BBQ Meat: 400 g of meat, which you can divide by steak, sausage, rib or other type of meat.
  • Rice: 150 g of cooked rice per person
  • Pasta: 200 g per person

Online party calculators

The GNT channel has a program called “Fazer a Festa”, presented by Fernanda Rodrigues. Decoration tips are presented for each episode, menu, games and food and drinks for children’s parties. On the internet, you can find a party calculator that sets up the birthday menu with the correct quantities to place the order. Access the GNT Calculator.

Another very useful digital tool is provided by the website Birthday Guide. With this application, it is possible to calculate the amount of food and define the menu. First you need to define the number of children and adults, then you need to select the items to be served.

For parties at lunchtime

If the birthday occurs at lunchtime, a great option is to serve a barbecue or any typical food. And if you are in doubt about snacks, the ideal is that they are just a complement or starter for main course. Therefore, it is worth having a chat with the buffet, to see what is the best accompaniment for the chosen dish. A valid tip is to bet on small portions of potato chips, as this appetizer can combine with several dishes.

See below a list, which counts on the quantity for children and adults.


  • 01 main dish (rice, salad, pasta or barbecue meat)
  • 04 savory;
  • 02 sweets;
  • 04 small glasses of soda.


  • 1.5 main dishes (rice, salad, pasta or barbecue meat);
  • 05 savory;
  • 03 sweets;
  • 05 small glasses of soda.

For afternoon / evening parties

For parties scheduled between 4pm and 7:30 pm, the best option is to bet on snacks (bread with pâté, hot dog, hamburger, bread with crazy meat) and chips. The reason is linked precisely to the times that order less heavy meals for both children and adults. Remember that during the night the metabolism tends to slow down, thus affecting the digestion of food.

See below a list for your children’s party in the afternoon and at night:


  • 05 savory;
  • 04 natural snacks or hot dogs;
  • 02 sweets;
  • 04 small glasses of soda.


  • 06 savory
  • 05 natural snacks or hot dogs;
  • 03 sweets;
  • 05 small glasses of soda.

Is it easier to know how to calculate the amount of food for children’s parties? Share with us your opinion and good party !!


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