Children's party is that event where parents get a little lost when setting up the menu. If you prefer to offer healthy foods to little ones, don't worry. It is possible to choose healthy foods for birthday parties. See now the selection of options we have prepared for you.

10 Tasty Healthy Food Tips for Birthday Parties

1 – Fruits in the Cup

Credit: Just Real Moms

Do you know the fruits on a stick? Here we can replace with the cup. A very practical and fun idea.

Fruit-colored cups make the snack more appealing to children. Bet on blackberries, grapes, strawberries, mangoes, papaya, blueberries, kiwi and many other delights that promise to make the menu healthier and more nutritious.

2 – Cold Pie on a Stick

Seek out your child's favorite ingredients and whip up the pie. Then just slice and stick on a stick. Take care that the toothpick does not have a thin tip, ok?

This type of snack is very interesting at parties held in summer or hot days. Healthy and delicious!

Cold pie on a stick is one of the healthiest foods for birthday parties.

Credit: Tastemade

3 – Spaghetti

How about serving mini portions of spaghetti at the kids party? With bolognese sauce or freshly chopped tomatoes, it will be very well accepted by the guests.

Credit: Plugged Mom

4 – Quail Egg Tomato Stick

Look how funny these sticks with cherry tomatoes, quail egg and parsley to decorate.

The idea is to make mushrooms with the ingredients and, here among us, it's great! Children are conquered by the look, so it is sure of success in the children's party.

Credit: Lebeh's Blog

5 – Salted Carrot Cupcake

The dumpling is made of carrot and Parmesan cheese. Above it, a cream cheese topping. All guests will enjoy it, even adults!

Credit: Mangia in Casa

6 – Gelatin Candy

The preparation is the same as conventional gelatin. The trick is to make it harder to be eaten by hand. How to achieve this, mix unflavored gelatin with colored gelatin.

The cubes are cut after ready and cooled. Capriche in colors and flavors.

Credit: Screenplay Baby

7 – Mini Hamburger

What's so special about this hamburger? You are the one who chooses the filling, which should be healthy and tasty.

No processed meat or excess fat. How about pressing lean ground beef seasoned with parsley, Himalayan rose salt and a slight hint of black pepper?

The sauce can be a homemade ketchup or a white cheese-based pastry.

Credit: Plugged Mom

8 – Chocolate Fruit Stick

Melt in a milk or dark chocolate water bath and dip a fruit stick in it. The cone will be inviting, and the children will eat the mouth-watering fruits.

Credit: Sunday Revenue

9 – Chocolate Banana

Banana with chocolate and peanut butter is quite a dessert. Besides being nutritious, it will be delicious!

Carefully decorate the treat and arrange on the table. It will be difficult to leave some to tell story…

Credit: Thousand Mom Tips

10 – Honey Lollipop

Honey sachets spiral around and turn into a lollipop! A simple idea that doesn't take any work to do.

Credit: Petit Design

What did you think of the birthday party healthy food tips? Share!


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