Today Inspire Your Party prepared a very cool post about Gourmet carts.

They are already super used in 15th birthday parties and weddings where they are more successful, and now they are becoming a fever in children’s parties.

The options served are of the most varied, such as: brigadeiro de spoon, popcorn, churros, brownies, ice cream, among other tempting treats.

The idea is as if it were a food trucks at your party.

A great suggestion is to replace the traditional goodies table by these strollers, making the children (and adults) happy, making their decoration more colorful, cheerful and fun.

We have separated some companies in the market that offer this type of service:

1) Love Sigh

Company located in Fortaleza-CE, offers sweets on the spoon, simply wonderful. Those I approve, because I was present at this event, and did not come off that cart… .rsrsrsr


two) Sweet Bicycle

It is a company located in Rio de Janeiro that serves cake in the pot… hummmmm

This one comes in the bicycle version. Very cool, don’t you think?


3) Petit Truck

It is a company located in Campinas / São Paulo, which offers several tempting treats, in addition, you can customize the cart according to the theme of your party.


4) Popcorn Recife

How about warm popcorn at your party? Popcorn Recife offers this wonderful service. Nothing tastier than freshly made popcorn…. #too good


5) Gourmet Churreria

This cart ends up with anyone !!!! I am passionate about speaking, as I am completely in love with Churros.

Churreria Gourmet is located in Goiânia.


So, did you like it?

Which of these would you choose for your party ??? My answer is: todossssssss

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