There was a time when decorating parties with flowers was only used at weddings and weddings. With the advent of sustainability and the need to integrate with the nature of the new generations, flowers also became part of other parties, such as children’s parties. Floral Art is once again gaining space in a modern world, however, more attentive and nature-loving.

garden party

If you’re thinking about having a garden party, don’t forget the bird and butterfly decorations for the sweets and cupcakes, and the floral arrangements for the tables that can be covered with tulle, which gives lightness and evokes the tranquility and softness of a garden. A beautiful decoration tip is a panel of flowers, pennants, small hanging flower vases, aggregates of photos of the little one.

To choose and assemble the perfect flower arrangement for the occasion take a look at our flower arrangement course.

For the cake, how about bird appliqués or butterflies surrounded by beautiful daisies? The pastel shades in the fabrics and molds are ideal for harmonizing the decor with the environment. At snack time, we suggest beautiful picnic baskets and a beautiful traditional checkered towel for children to sit down and enjoy natural snacks prepared with healthy and tasty foods. Jams, fruits, biscuits, breads and cakes, washed down with a delicious juice or a huge jar of fresh coconut water.

For party favors, what about vases of daisies and small watering cans so that the little ones continue the idea of ​​cultivating like true florists?

How to use flowers at boys’ parties?

We don’t normally find flowers in the decorations at boys’ parties, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, or that it can’t be used. We just need to know which flowers and colors to use for each type of decoration and theme.

A tip is not to use flowers that we would normally use in romantic arrangements such as roses, dahlias, lisianthus and orchids. The ideal is to use only one color and type of flower, like carnations or green hydrangeas, for example.

For Batman, for example, use yellow flowers. For themes like Cars and Superman, abuse the red ones. For little ones, think of the blue hydrangea with its soft color.

For relaxed parties, use field flowers, such as daisies, chrysanthemums and bet on arrangements with small bottles and covered cans. Keep the colors of the party theme and use small flowers, and don’t forget: don’t exaggerate the amount of flowers.

Are there dangerous flowers for children?

Yes, some plants and flowers should be avoided in environments with children and domestic animals, such as the alamanda, the crown-of-Christ, me-no-one-can, guinea and castor bean. It’s important to be answering. Beautiful flowers should not always be used, it is also important to check if the child is allergic to pollen or grasses, avoiding misfortunes.

Children’s parties have taken on more natural aspects nowadays, with reading of stories, circle songs, backyard games, music and dancing, instead of electronic games. Thus, there is nothing more plausible than using Floral Art to decorate this environment and bring color and life to the celebration. To learn everything about flowers and not make mistakes when preparing everything, get inspired by our florist course and see tips and courses on arrangements, cultivation, decoration and everything about floral art.

Text: Luana da Arte Floral

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