Do you feel like spending a good night looking back at old times with friends? The cassettes, the vinyls, the Rubik’s cubes, the neon, the carded hair and even the phosphorous color muñequeras. An unfamiliar fashion for bad young people. We refer to them the 80s. The decade of them for the carded ones and the men of disproportionate size.

To decorate one party 80 easily and as a result we recommend that you see your walls with a poster of the giant banner and thematic banderines. All in fuchsia, yellow, brown, black and yellow colors. Search for your priests’ house if you have any posters of the actors or films from that era: Regreso al futuro, Cazafantasmas, ET, Rambo, Terminator, the series “V” the Miami Vice …

Next we give you the keys to the look ochentero that both you and your guests will take you: malls metallic strips, t-shirts of rejilla, cadadas doradas al cuello, pendientes of big size, a fur coat (as if you just finished making it permanent), a rayban type glasses and a sweatshirt about the men.

Let’s have it all, now Are you ready to dance to the beat of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Police, Withney Houston or Cindy Lauper?