Need tips for a Festa Junina birthday decoration? You still have enough time to make the most of it and make a super event! Keep following.

Corn, paçoca, assorted cakes, kid's feet, flags, balloons. There are many items that make a real June party. So check now how to leave a typical country birthday!

Amazing Ideas For Birthday Party Festa Junina

1 – Balloon

A very interesting tip and spending almost nothing is to make balloons out of paper. The effect on the decor looks great, and you won't have much work to produce.

The most important thing is to cut the strips of paper into different sizes. So, when stapling them, the balloon shape happens automatically.

Credit: Artesanato Brasil

Credit: Artesanato Brasil

Credit: Artesanato Brasil

2 – Straw Hat

With straw hats, you can do just about anything in the decor. Yes that's right.

Instead of trays, at the June party you should opt for the simple and reminiscent of the garden. Place the hat on the table and decorate your back with sweets.

You can even hang hats of different sizes on the walls.

Credit: Art of Making Crafts

Credit: Instagram reproduction via Pinterest

3 – Little flags

Proud hillbilly party needs flags. They bring joy to the celebrations.

To celebrate a typical birthday, decorate with flags, which must fall under the ceiling, be hung on the wall, in addition to other different uses! Everything goes from your imagination.

A napkin holder made of popsicle sticks and decorated with flags can be the highlight of the guests' table.

The colorful flags also personalize the party sweets, such as those served in cups.

Credit: Catraca Livre

Credit: Pinterest

4 – Corn cob tube

Speaking of creativity, this idea delighted us! A tube with yellow confectionery and “dressed” with crepe paper or green tissue paper becomes an ear of corn. Fantastic, isn't it?

At a children's party, this souvenir will be a great success! The kids will love it.

Credit: Ideia Chic

5 – Bolo Junino

For the cake, creativity cannot be lacking. A birthday cake in the middle of “arraiá” asks for a very special decoration with the theme.

Worth a bonfire, flags, balloons, chess pieces, in short, everything that reminds us of this delicious time of year.

And the style of the confectionery can be whatever the birthday boy wants. Rustic, homemade, chocolate, paste, naked cake, with kat kit. There are a multitude of possibilities.

Credit: Constance Zahn

Credit: Camile Walendorff

6 – Invitation

While for adults there is not much need, for children it is a fundamental part of the party to have a beautiful and themed invitation.

The birthday invitation can be made by hand, in the best craft style, or even printed on the internet. What matters is to be very excited and show that the celebration will be in June party style!

Credit: Crafts Step by Step

Credit: Making Our Party

7 – Campfire

Festa junina must have a bonfire! But, calm down, it won't be real. It will be much safer for your guests. With rolls of paper and tissue paper in warm colors – very warm – you create the illusion of having a fire burning.

Small bonfires can decorate any party atmosphere very gracefully.

Credit: Pinterest

8 – Popcorn

If there's corn, there's popcorn too. And we can already deliver the popped and ready to eat corn. Place sweet or salted popcorn in transparent sachets. Then use crepe paper to cover it and simulate the corn cob leaf.

With dry straw, you must tie up your tasty "wrapping".

Credit: Professor Juce

+ Ideas for a June party themed birthday decoration

Ready to get your hands dirty and prepare a June party birthday decoration with everything you need?


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