Birthday is always a joy, especially for children who love to have fun! A cheap and legal option is to carry out school birthday party, so you don’t have to worry about renting a space and whether your friends will attend.

Celebrating the child’s birthday at school is much cheaper. (Photo: Disclosure)

To have a children’s party inside the school you need to get organized, so we made a checklist that you need to follow for the party to be perfect and remembered by everyone.

Tips for organizing a perfect school anniversary

Talk to the management!

The first step is talk to the school. Look for the direction to find out if you can have a party in the school environment. Check the rules, as some schools choose specific days in the week to hold parties, and also a time limit so as not to hinder curricular activities.

You can hold a birthday party at school for classmates only, and invite specific classmates from another room to participate. These smaller parties usually take place inside the classroom, preventing students from the institution who were not invited to participate. If the party is for all students of the school, notify the direction.

Invitations and authorization

Send the invitation 15 days in advance, so parents and teachers can plan. Ask the teacher to place the invitations on the students’ diaries so that those responsible know about the event.

It is important to send a request for authorization, see if the school does not have a model, through it you will know how many students will participate in the event, and if any child is allergic to certain foods and drinks. It is essential to be aware of this, that way you can create a flexible menu for everyone.

Birdie themed party invitation idea. (Photo: Disclosure)

The Fazendinha themed party calls for a special invitation.

Frozen theme invitation.


Now is the time to prepare the birthday party at school. Talk to the child to find out what theme he would like the party to be. Super heroes, drawings, movies, princesses… There are so many fun themes to create a cool and different decoration, you will find several ideas on here.

Bladders are always an attraction at children’s parties, but they can also be a problem. Some children are afraid and the party can become a nightmare. Invest in other items to decorate.

Pennants replace traditional bladders.

Reduce the number of balloons to avoid frightening children.

Comics decorate the bottom of the main table.


Follow the decoration at school, or ask a family member to do this, ensuring that everything is the way the child wishes. If you hire a service, see the school with the best time so that those responsible can prepare everything for the big birthday party at the school.

Classroom tables can be used for decoration. Remember to send a towel, so the tables are still clean and ready for when the party is over.

Colorful plates and balloons with helium gas stand out on this table.

The table already has souvenirs for the little guests.

Food and Drink

It is interesting to know how many children will participate in the party, so it is easier to calculate the amount of food. Nest post you learn how to calculate and guarantee a delicious party.

Some schools follow a healthy diet, find out if it is allowed to serve soft drinks, fried snacks and sweets. If not allowed, you can include the menu healthy at the party. Exchange fried snacks for baked goods, soft drinks for juices.

Invest in fakes cakes to decorate the table and send the cut edible cake, so the employees will have no work to deliver the pieces.

The fake cake ensures more convenience for the birthday party.

Fake cake inspired by the balloons theme.

Peppa Pig fake cake.

Popcorn, sliced ​​bread snacks, cookies, fruit skewers, fruit salad and mini pizza are also easy and inexpensive options to replace traditional party foods.

Sandwich bread with Nutella (bear shape).

A healthy choice: skewers with fruit.

The kids will love the mini pizzas.

Table full of snacks.

Ice cream cone with fruits: a cheap option to serve at the party.

A fun and appetizing hot dog.


Don’t forget the disposables for the party! Make a list to leave nothing out: glasses, cutlery, napkins, plates … Nowadays there are ecological options like the paper plate, and biodegradable materials. So you don’t harm the environment, you have an incredible party and teach children the importance of sustainable materials.

Disposable from Marsha and the Bear.

The Princess theme calls for delicate disposables.

The party paper cup can replace the plastic one in style.


One of the coolest parts of children’s parties is the games and activities, see with the teacher if it is possible to insert some of these actions in the party. If allowed, you can send gouache for the children to color with paint; play dough for fun; music, to stir the atmosphere and the guests.

Talk to the kids and find out what games they like best, so it’s easier to plan activities.

Model colored plasticine.

Make a contest with the little ones.

Unleash your imagination with paints.


The souvenirs cannot be missing. There are several models and items that can be perfect to thank and return the affection of children with the birthday boy!

  • Surprise bag: inside it you can put candies and toys, avoid the small and pointed ones that can be ingested and hurt.
  • Tubes: the tubes with bullets are in fashion, besides being tasty, it is charming and can be part of the decoration.
  • Coloring book: Coloring books are inexpensive and sure to please children, you can assemble a kit with crayons or mini colored pencils.

Coloring book and crayons.

Tubes with bullets.

Personalized party bags.

Lollipops and candies.

Family at party

Some schools allow parents and family members to participate in the party, check with the institution whether family members are allowed or not.


The advantages of having a party at school are many, first you don’t have to worry about renting a room, booking a buffet.

The best thing is that it has low cost, after all the party will be for a few children, and you will not have to worry about waiters or the duration of the party, after all the school has already stipulated the time!

The school didn’t let

Calm down, all is not lost! If the institution did not authorize a birthday party at school, you can invest in the “party in the box”, a simple way that will cheer up friends and will be able to eat at snack time.

Place the main items of a party, such as, for example, some snacks, cupcake or cake in the jar, some sweets inside decorated boxes.

Cupcakes and sweets.

A party at Caixa inspired by Mikey.

Combine snacks and a cupcake inside each box.

Every child deserves to have a birthday party at school, it is a unique moment that he will remember forever, in addition to having a lot of fun with his classmates!
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