The tip is to enjoy the summer weather and invest in picnics in the backyard or in outdoor parks

When it comes to vacations, the beaches, warmth and fun always come to mind. For this reason, the month of January, the period when the hottest season of the year prevails, is the ideal time to escape the traditional party decorations and invest in innovative themes and activities to celebrate the birthday of the little ones and thus guarantee an experience new and fun. An interesting option is to celebrate the new year of life with a picnic at home or in parks.

In order not to go wrong, Mariana Perylo, at the head of Perylampo Festas, recommends that the planning of the party be done in advance so that the family can manage all the tasks with creativity. “As many people usually travel during the holidays, the party tends to be smaller and more intimate, so it is extremely important to take care of the details to give the atmosphere of the celebration”, he explains.

If the sun is steady, a good idea is to have a party in the backyard, or in some square, or park. “Picnics always attract children and are great outings for when the weather is hot,” teaches Mariana. For the menu, the same rule applies. “Ice cream, fruit and juice make up the mini tropical buffet. Hot dogs can be substituted for natural sandwiches, which are lighter options ”, he suggests. The cake, of course, cannot be missing, but instead of the traditional chocolate, opt for a frozen fruit tart, so as not to break the mood.

For the fun of the children, separate objects that resemble the summer games: sunglasses, buoys, colorful umbrellas and so on. Who doesn’t have a pool, can bet without fear on the hose bath. It’s simple, it refreshes and the kids love it. Those who have a pool at home should take extra care with the small ones and the depth of the water. “Any carelessness can cause accidents. The ideal is that there is always someone to watch the area ”, points out Mariana Perylo.

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