The engagement party is an important event in the lives of two people who love each other and want to build a family. The celebration shows the seriousness of the commitment and that, very soon, the wedding will take place. Read the article and see how to create a different decoration for the party.

Many couples opt for a simple engagement party, that is, they gather their friends over for a barbecue and don't even worry about the decor. However, for the occasion to be truly unforgettable, it is very important to bet on elements to decorate the space where the event will take place.

Table decorated for engagement.

Ideas for decorating simple engagement party

Casa e searched for creative and easy-to-put ideas to decorate the engagement party. Look:

1 – Decorative letters

Decorative letters are making a splash at wedding parties, engagements and even graduation. The bride and groom can bet on these pieces to work with the initials of their names. The result will be a romantic decoration and personality. These letters are usually made of wood and can also be found in illuminated versions, that is, with recessed lights.

Decorative letters

2 – Pink lemonade and macarons

Place pink lemonade in a clear glass filter. The result will be an elegant, romantic adornment that has everything to do with the mood of the engagement party. You can also fill trays with macarons, as this French sweet enhances soft and delicate colors.

Pink lemonade and macarons.

3 – Romantic table

The romantic table is an indispensable item for the engagement party. It can be long and rectangular in order to accommodate all guests of the celebration. Opt for a white, unprinted towel. Make delicate arrangements by placing pink and red flowers in transparent vases. Do not forget to set the table with the best dishes, after all, it is a very special occasion.

Romantic table to accommodate the guests.

4 – Cookies in the shape of a ring

If you don't know how to have a different party, then take care of the details to surprise the guests. An interesting tip is to order cookies in the shape of an engagement ring. Everyone will love receiving this delicacy as an engagement party souvenir!

Wedding ring shaped cookies

5 – Flags

Flags are often used at engagement, birthday and wedding parties. They can make up the bottom of the main table, supporting the names of the bride and groom.

Pennants at the engagement party

6 – Blackboards with messages

The words are definitely transforming the decoration of engagement and wedding parties, proof of this is the use of whiteboards with special messages. The small blackboards can be placed at strategic points of the party, with the purpose of informing the guests or paying tribute to the bride and groom.

Blackboards with messages

7 – Outdoor chandelier

There are many ways to leave the engagement party with a different decoration, as is the case of using the crystal chandelier outdoors. That's right! The elegant and classic piece creates a perfect contrast to the natural setting. Refinement and nature are mixed in this composition.

Outdoor chandelier

8 – Outdoor lounge

Every self-respecting party needs to have a lounge, that is, a space where guests can settle down to chat and rest. If possible, set up this outdoor relaxation environment, betting on furniture with a more sophisticated footprint (again, luxury on the lawn).

Outdoor lounge

9 – Rustic style

Not all grooms are interested in making a romantic and sophisticated decoration. In this case, a good tip is to seek inspiration in the rustic style, which values ​​wood, jute, succulent plants and wrought iron.

Engagement party decoration with rustic style.

10 – Clean style

Minimalism is on the rise in decor, determining that “less is more” and combating any kind of exaggeration. Considering this trend, the bride and groom can bet on a cleaner decoration, which values ​​white color and has few decorative elements.

Clean style engagement party decoration.

11 – Personal objects

Personal objects are able to leave the engagement decoration with a personal touch, so it is worth betting on compositions with books, vases and articles purchased on trips. It is possible to retell the love story through objects.

The couple can use personal objects in the decoration, as is the case with books.

12 – Golden balloons

The balloons are cheerful and festive, so they have a guaranteed place at any party. In the engagement, try setting up a decoration with golden balloons, in the shape of letters or hearts. In this way, the environment will become elegant and at the same time romantic.

Golden balloons

13 – Photos of the bride and groom

Photos are indispensable when decorating the engagement party. Have a very large and beautiful portrait printed to be placed on the main table or on some other party furniture. Small picture frames are also welcome and contribute to an intimate decor.

The photos of the bride and groom appear in the decoration of the main table.

14 – Guest message holders

Guests can actively participate in the engagement party, leaving messages on bottles, panels or any other container. The idea shown in the image below is creative and very easy to execute.

Guests can leave messages.

15 – Space to take photos

Create a personalized space for guests to take photos and share on social networks. The idea shown below imitates a Polaroid photo and supports the name of the bride and groom.

A creative space to take photos at the party.

16 – Lots of Jute

Jute is a vegetable textile fiber that is very successful in decorating parties, especially when the objective is to enhance the rustic style. Use this material to line the table, make souvenirs or even store napkins. The result is an environment with a handmade touch.

Engagement party decoration with jute.

17 – Clothesline of photos

The bride and groom must select the most beautiful photos they have ever taken together, that is, images that are capable of retelling the love story. Then, just hang them on a rope clothesline, mounted on a sturdy wooden structure. This decorative element combines with the rustic style.

The clothesline recounts the love story of the bride and groom.

18 – Romantic cake

Every special date deserves a decorated cake To celebrate. The ideal is that this delicacy is confectioned in a romantic way, that is, with light colors and elements that symbolize romanticism, as is the case of flowers. Be creative and delicate in your choice.

A romantic cake, decorated with flowers.

19 – Arrangements with glass jars

The DIY wave is invading the engagement parties, proof of this is the arrangement made in glass jar. To make this ornament, you just need to select romantic flowers, arrange them in a beautiful bouquet and put them in the transparent packaging. Once ready, the piece is perfect to decorate the tables of the guests.

Arrangements with glass jars.

20 – Lanterns with flowers and candles

If the engagement party takes place outdoors, then try composing a pendant decoration with lanterns. Each piece can be decorated in a romantic way, with delicate flowers and candles. The result is charming and in line with Boho Chic style.

Lanterns with flowers and candles.

21 – Elegant bowls and bottles

Another “DIY” tip to decorate the party is the customization of bottles and glasses. To transform these items into unique and elegant pieces, bet on the use of golden glitter.

Elegant glasses and bottles.

22 – Japanese lanterns

The outdoor party is perfect when decorated with Japanese lanterns. In addition to contributing to the lighting, these pieces are romantic and playful, while playing with different colors and sizes.

Japanese lanterns decorate the outdoor environment

23 – Thematic

There are some themes that serve as inspiration for the engagement party, such as: balloons, cinema, bar, birds and beach. Themed decoration is able to make the event more fun and unforgettable.

Theme-inspired engagement decoration

24 – Clothesline of hearts

Simple and inexpensive ideas can transform the decoration of the engagement, such as creating a clothesline of hearts. Provide white paper, cut several medium hearts and place them on a string. Once ready, the ornament decorates any corner of the party in a romantic way.

Clothesline from paper hearts.

25 – Wooden crates

Wooden crates at the entrance to the ballroom, decorated with fresh vegetation, flowers and lanterns. In addition, there is a wooden sign that wishes to welcome guests.

Wooden crates

26 – Organic minimalism

Family and friends will love the idea of ​​an engagement in the backyard. The intimate party calls for a relaxation lounge, open-air bar, tents, garlands of vegetation, among other details that combine minimalism and elements of nature.

Organic minimalism

27 – Neon signs

The couple can enhance the decor with neon signs. The illuminated sign can display the names of the bride or groom or some special phrase.

Neon signs

28 – Fabrics on the ceiling

It is possible to do something different in the decoration, such as adding transparent and sophisticated fabrics. The space is sure to be more intimate and cozy.

Decoration with fabrics

29 – Relaxed balloon arch

The balloons they serve to decorate not only wedding parties, but also engagement parties. The bride and groom can make a bow with an organic shape, decorated with fresh vegetation.

Arch of relaxed balloons

30 – Translucent details

Translucent details, such as acrylic plaques with messages or transparent chairs, may appear in the décor.

Translucent details

Did you approve the tips for decorating engagement party? Do you have any other interesting ideas? Comment! Suddenly your suggestion appears here on the blog and serves as an inspiration for many couples in love.


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