Do you have to organize a birthday party and don't want to spend a lot of money? Do not worry, it is easy. With some simple materials and your imagination You can get a great party for children or adults. We tell you some ideas to decorate a cheap birthday without missing color and joy.

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decorate a cheap birthday
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Organizing a birthday party does not have to be very complicated or expensive. It makes no sense to spend a fortune in an event where the best things are not material things, but share joy and enthusiasm With friends and family. Keep reading and discover how you can decorate a cheap birthday And succeed.

Whether the party is an adult or if it is a child's birthday, the philosophy is the same: the goal must be prepare a fun party, in which everyone is as old as they have a great time. But how is this achieved? Well, I think that taking into account certain aspects that do not always have much to do with the budget available for the event.

It's true that children's birthdays with inflatable castles and animators Hired can be great, but the little guests will also have a great time if you prepare yourself some fun games that entertain them. The key is to succeed with your tastes and propose different things.

And when it comes to decorating space, the idea is the same: you can go buy a lot of ornaments and accessories to make the place where the party is going to be beautiful. But you can also give the coconut and invent some birthday decorating ideas to make yourself. You will spend little money and the result will be great.

There goes an entry advice that seems fundamental to me: the preparations begin well in advance. Do not leave it for last. Things prepared with time go better and you have more reaction time if any unforeseen event arises.

Paper garlands to decorate a cheap birthday

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Paper is one of our greatest allies when decorating the place of the birthday party. It is a simple and economical material that gives us a lot of play, since we can create great decorations from him.

One thing that can not be missing in a birthday party that boasts are the garlands. Hanging around the room put a cheerful and colorful note and also look great if the party is outdoors (we still have days of good weather to enjoy the outside), subject to the branches of the garden trees or placed on the facade of home.

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In addition, there are a lot of ideas you can use to make paper garlands. One of them, very easy also, is that of make chains with paper strips of colors. You just have to cut a lot of strips and go forming circles with them. Before sticking them with a paper glue, get hooked with each other to form the garland.

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Another idea is cut out cardboard circles, of different sizes and colors, and sew them with the sewing machine leaving a stretch of thread between them to compose a multicolored garland. This type of decorations can be done in the same way by sewing stars instead of circles.

Don't miss the balloons

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Another resource that It is very economical and that has no competition in terms of birthday party decoration, are the balloons. There is no element that is better in an event of this nature.

In addition, the options are varied, depending on the result you want to achieve. If the party is dedicated to a child, you can choose balloons of all colors For a very cheerful result.

There are times when the anniversary of the birth of a child is celebrated but many of the guests are adults. It is the case of the festivities of Baby's first birthday. In these cases, you can decorate the space with balloons in a single color (or two at most), better in pastel tones that convey a feeling of tenderness and softness very suitable in these cases.

And if the birthday is an adult, choose balloons in two tones that combine, like red and white, silver and blue, etc. To your liking or that of the birthday boy!

Great ideas with confetti

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<figcaption id=Source: Karaโ€™s Party Ideas

Paper confetti It's another great material to decorate a cheap birthday. Children love to manipulate and throw it and it sure makes them have a fun time, although cleaning it later is not a pleasant task.

If you have time and desire, you can make the confetti yourself. You only need a die cutter of the right size and fine paper of many colors. Start doing it many days before the party because, although it has no mystery, it can be laborious to get the amount of confetti needed for the party.

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You can too make a picture with the birthday boy's name Like the one in the picture, sticking confetti on a white panel. Before, trace the letters and cover them with painter's tape. So when you have pasted the confetti you can remove the ribbon and the name will be blank. Great!

All these ideas are fantastic for decorating a cheap birthday, but no less fun or special. What do you think?

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