In addition to adding personality to the decor, the objects make the party more exclusive

Planning a party takes time and patience. There are several details to decide, such as the guest list, the food to be served, the location … All of this ends up making the planning a bit tiring. To facilitate production, some aspects can be organized outside the traditional way, such as decoration, which is one of the most important points of the party.

According to Mariana Perylo, from Perylampo Festas, the tip for organizing a good children’s birthday party is to define the decoration theme following the child’s personality. “From there it is possible to think about other necessary decorative elements, such as colors and panels”, he says. And those who think this means investing part of the celebration’s budget by buying things that they will only use once are mistaken. The key is to choose pieces that you already have at home, which help to give a personalized touch to the party and complete each space with great beauty.

In the case of children’s parties, the ideal is to use the child’s own toys in the decoration, as indicated by Adriana Perylo, partner of Perylampo. “In the case of a theme like Disney, one tip is to use licensed plushies and bottles painted in the colors of the characters to decorate the tables”, he suggests. As for the ‘Dollhouse’ theme, the décor can be assembled using the birthday girl’s dolls and her tea sets, for example. “At the main table, silver trays that people have at home can also be used to place the sweets,” teaches Adriana.

Home furniture, such as tables that have Provencal details, can also add extra charm to the decor. Another tip is to buy objects that can be used several times, such as a crystal jar for juices and teas. In addition, objects taken from hobbies can be freely incorporated into the ornamentation. “This is the case, for example, with a toy helmet or a skateboard. More than objects for personal use, they can serve as a decorative piece ”, says Mariana. “Using personal objects adds personality to the celebration and brings together guests who can get to know the birthday boy a little more”, he concludes.

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