Your child has chosen his favorite Disney characters of the time, and you are looking for ideas for Tsum Tsum party? Came to the right place. We will give you very interesting ideas for the party.

The darlings of the kids are now the characters in children's version! And they really are very cute and everything to do with children's party decorations. Learn now how to do it.

How to Make a Tsum Party Decoration Tsum

1 – Cake

The child's birthday cake has no limits when it comes to decoration. It can be super colorful and catch the eye. Have all the elements of the theme of the party.

He is the center of attention on a child's birthday. So invest in creativity.

The American paste is a cover idea that helps to create the animals. Or biscuit miniatures make for a great cake topper.

Tsum Tsum Party Cake.

Credit: Instagram Play / Delightfully Cake

2 – Utensils

Lots of color and Tsum Tsum circling the guest tables. That is the proposal.

Jelly bottles can be recycled and become containers to put the cutlery that will be used at the party. You can print the characters on paper and paste them on the glasses.

Just see how a simple idea can become very interesting and graceful.

Pinterest Playback

3 – Invitation

The children's party invitation needs to match the theme of the celebration. So it is worth doing well colored. These baby dolls will be very charming distributed in the invitation.

Choose a background color palette as a main theme. So you can use the same colors on the cake table, balloons, tablecloths and other items.

Credit: Etsy

4 – Sweets

Cupcakes with the face of the characters will be a separate beauty on the cake table. They will delight the children and adults present.

A traditional cupcake can be made and, on top of the dough, the biscuits can be added. A very cool tip to decorate.

Credit: Instagram Play / Little Baker Thailand

5 – Cake Table

The most special corner of the birthday party is the cake table and sweets. Look at what a nice idea to put Tsum Tsum panels in the background.

You can print full size on a fast print shop or do it yourself by creating patterns from drawings and cutting out EVA.

With a little imagination, amazing and cute things are created!

Credit: Pinterest Playback

Just notice the delicacy of every detail. Little bottles, cakepops, comics and everything else ends up being personalized with the Tsu Tsum theme.

A good tip is that the theme suits mostly younger children because they are baby characters, miniatures of Mickey, Monsters AS and many others that your son or daughter likes.

6 – Surprise Bag

A long-awaited moment is the time for the distribution of the surprise bag to the children attending the party.

You can either buy ready made or create your little one's birthday. Interestingly, if each character has a predominant color and you consider each other's face as their own packaging, they will have boxes of assorted colors.

There will be no fight. It will even have blue, yellow, pink. It's very democratic to please all the little guests.

Credit: Catch my Party

+ Inspiring Disney Tsum Tsum Decorating Ideas

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