Trends for Children’s Party 2017

You always looking for news for your parties, we will list some trends that will rock in 2017 and make your parties even more charming.

It is noteworthy that many already rocked in 2016 and will remain strong in 2017.

Deconstructed arches

The idea came from abroad and was very well received here in Brazil

Those traditional arches that had the balloons millimetrically inflated, shared their space with arches of deconstructed balloons.

They are composed of several balloons of different colors and different sizes, which can be mixed with foliage and even natural flowers.

They are in a more messy shape, without the perfection of traditional arches, but the result is just wonderful.

Source: @sweetpea_events

Source: @elegant_tea_time

Source: @casamontiel

Source: @belleballoons


Another trend that came from the USA and landed here in Brazil to stay.

The luminous ones are part of many wedding decorations and also in this world of children’s parties.

They exist in various formats, from letters, numbers, names and drawings to be used in decorations with or without characters.

Credits: Art’s Provence Festas

Credits: Luminous of the Festa de Menino store (will be opened soon)

Credits: Luminous of the Festa de Menino store (will be opened soon)

Giant Balloons and Bubble

The new fashion to decorate the parties are the giant balloons.

The tip is that it is inflated with helium gas and put one on each side of the table that will already give an incredible result.

To make it even more striking and attract the eyes of the children and adults, you can decorate it with rabiolas, sparkles, fill it with confetti and etc.

It can reach up to 2.5 in circumference.

Source: Festeirice


Source: michelleedgemon


Another option is to decorate the party with giant balloons, and you can even make a panel for photos.

Source: theodysseyonline

Panels with fabric prints

They are panels printed on fabric imitating a 3D effect, giving a touch of sophistication and making your party even more beautiful!

You have the impression of being within the history of the chosen theme. It’s super cool!

All panels are from the Sublimation Cloud.



They are known as board for parties.

You can make a chart with the child’s personal information and after the party, it has the function of composing the decoration of the room.

Source: @encantoconvites

But you can also gain highlights in several points, such as: the reception area for the guests, the candy table, replace the traditional panel with a Chalkboard panel, among others.

Source: elizabethleao

Source: elizabethleao

Stationary store

Create one visual identity for party from the invitation to the details of the decoration helps to make your decoration more harmonious, where the choice of color palette it will be essential to carry out the project.

Source: yanne.designer

Giant paper flowers

Paper flowers were very successful in 2016 and will continue in 2017.

They are made with cardboard or paper with a minimum weight of 180 grams. Read more.

Source: @decoreminhafesta

Source: @renatampricci

Floral arrangements

The floral arrangements are no longer exclusive in the decoration of 15 years and weddings, to also invade the world of children’s parties.

In addition to making them beautiful both on the cake table, on the souvenir table, on treats or even on the guests’ side, they delight the guests and the place, bringing life to the party.

A party decorated with flowers gives an air of sophistication, lightness, delicacy, harmony and peace.

It is worth mentioning that boy party you can also have flowers, but if it doesn’t match the theme, bet on foliage.

However, it is worth mentioning that they are not mandatory in all decorations, but your party will nevertheless not be beautiful if you do not use flowers !!! πŸ™‚ Read more


Decoration By Yuppi Fest


Decoration By Dona Caramella


Are the famous handmade pieces β€œhand made”And are here to stay!

There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing these handmade pieces at children’s parties composing the decoration.

Characters made in crochet, felt, clothesline made of fabric, that is, exploring these details with handmade works, enriches your decoration in a very special way.

Source: @isianaventura

Source: As Joanas Artesanatos

Source: As Joanas Artesanatos

Bikes on the table

If you like to impress your guests with different decorations, you can bet on bikes!

They can have the role of the main table, as a side table for placing sweets, or even a corner for juices.


Source: Doce Bicicleta

Food Carts

They are already super used in 15 years old parties and weddings where they are more successful, and are now becoming a fever in children’s parties.

The options served are of the most varied, such as: brigadeiro de spoon, popcorn, churros, brownies, ice cream, among other tempting treats.

The idea is as if it were a food trucks at your party.

A great suggestion is to replace the traditional goodies table by these strollers, making the children (and adults) happy, making their decoration more colorful, cheerful and fun. Read more.


Source: Amo Suspiro

Differentiated meals and drinks

Not leaving behind the traditional snacks and drinks for children’s parties, the tendency is to make these foods and drinks participate in the decoration.

For example: Colored juices in customized bottles with colored straws, popcorn cones, hot dogs or sandwiches with a personalized tag, lemonade in various colors, etc.

Healthy food

Healthy foods are also on the rise.

It is not impossible to have a party with healthy and tasty food, as for example: fruit salad, decorated fruits, fruit skewers, sweet potato chips, organic chicken drumstick, homemade cheese bread, among other infinity of healthy recipes that can be serving to your guests.

Innovative sweets

Sweets are already an attraction apart, imagine them modeled with the face of the party: lollipops of chocolates, macarons, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, ganache in the cup, gingerbread, cake in the pot, sweets modeled with American paste among others.

Some people decrease the amount of personalized stationery items to put a greater amount of patterned sweets or innovators at the table.

Various cakes on the table

The cake is the protagonist the main table, and must be chosen with great care and care: filling, colors, cover, tops, etc.

If you are an indecisive person, the fashion that rocked in 2016 and will be very strong in 2017 is betting on several cakes on the table.

Usually 2, 3 or more cakes are placed, and they need to be many different in colors, sizes and can even have each one different filling, but it can also merge scenographic cakes and real cakes on the decoration table.

If you choose only real cakes, choose smaller sizes, according to the number of guests.

Finally, if you prefer, make a presentation of the flavor of each cake, placing signs!

Source: Pinterest



Source: Farfalla Custom Art

Text: Ana Paula Novais

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