There are a multitude of male childrens birthday themes. Each reveals a birthday boy's preference, such as a favorite superhero, favorite sport or game he likes best. Read the article to know the 10 most used themes at parties.

The theme “Horse” has become very popular. (Photo: Disclosure)

TOP 10: Male Children's Birthday Themes

Home and Party separated 10 male childrens birthday themes that are on the rise. Check out:

1 – Military Police

Boys who love to play cop will love the Military Police themed children's party. This theme calls for various elements that resemble the PM, such as vehicle, siren, uniform, ammunition and nightstick.

The items may even resemble a heavy public safety context, but they can be lightly and playfully crafted in decor.

2 – Adventurer

The Adventurous themed birthday party is also very popular with boys. The decoration can be planned thinking of some fun adventure, such as safari or forest camping.

3 – Aviation

The aviation theme appeals to all boys who like to play with airplanes. The party can be decorated with different aircraft models, from the oldest to the most modern.

In addition to valuing air travel, it is also worth working with elements that symbolize travel, such as luggage and maps. The most commonly used aviation-themed birthday colors are light blue, red and white.

4 – Superheroes

Your child's favorite superhero can inspire children's birthday decorations. Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man and Superman are some of the characters that are successful. You can also draw on superhero groups to decorate the party, such as the Justice League or the Avengers.

5 – Boat

The boat themed children's party brings out the nautical atmosphere. The boats share space with anchors, buoys, barrels and even sea bears. Use all creativity to create a beautiful decoration.

6 – Football

Football is a real passion among boys, so it can become a children's decoration theme. The main table will look beautiful with ball-shaped candy and pastries that simulate the lawn.

The child's team can also be the inspiration of the birthday, such as Corinthians, Flamengo, São Paulo or Vasco.

7 – Cars

The movie Cars is still very successful among boys, so it stands out as one of the most used children's party themes. To enhance this theme, it is necessary to incorporate the characters of the film into the decoration, especially Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Checkered pattern, race track, tires, cones and traffic signs also help decorate the birthday atmosphere.

8 – Class of the Keys

Chaves's theme party appeals to children and adults. The Mexican series, recorded in the 70's, portrays the daily lives of characters who live in a quiet village. Chaves is a poor child who plays with Kiko and Chiquinha. Seu Madruga, Dona Florinda, Professor Girafales, Seu Belly and Dona Clotilde are the adults of the plot.

Chaves-themed décor can enhance the ambience of the village, as well as the protagonist's barrel, wooden crates and character dolls. Be creative!

9 – Dinosaurs

Is your son crazy about dinosaurs? So know that this taste can turn into a theme for children's party. There are many ways to value these Jurassic characters, starting with the wild colors (green, brown, yellow, beige and orange). Materials such as wood, straw, leaves and jute are also welcome.

To decorate the head table and other party corners, bet on plastic dinosaurs of all sizes. The most popular species are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon and Elasmosaurus.

10 – Horses

The Horse-themed birthday calls for a rustic decoration, capable of transforming the environment into a real farm. Materials such as wood, jute, straw and kraft paper can be used to decorate the party space, as well as stuffed or plastic horses. Elements such as horseshoe, saddle, cowboy hat, boots, wagon and hay also help bring the theme to life.

What's up? What did you think of the male child birthday themes? Leave a comment. If you know of any other theme that deserves a place on the list, comment too.


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