It is not every day that a 18th birthday. The age of majority means the farewell of the infantile phase and the beginning of a more responsible life. And it is time to celebrate with friends and family this achievement and those to come.

Therefore, a moment like this deserves a celebration worthy. With that in mind, we've prepared some incredible ideas for you to get inspired and define the theme of your party. Check out our tips now.

TOP 5: Theme Inspirations for 18th Birthday

1 – Tropical Party

A pool party or beach house calls for a very sunny theme. If the birthday will be in a hot season like summer, the tropical theme will be a great choice.

Serve colorful drinks, with and without alcohol, in decorated glasses, arrange natural sandwiches on the table and whimsize in an almost Hawaiian decor.

Anything that refers to a paradisiacal setting is welcome. Even hula dancing necklaces.

18th birthday with tropical theme.

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Credit: Eh Mainha

2 – Neon

Does the teenager like trance, electronic music and other modern musical styles? So a very interesting option is the neon party.

What do you think of the play of lights when the lights go out? A real ballad in its celebration. Pure energy and animation!

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Credit: Fernanda Scarini Biscuits / Elo 7

Credit: Doce Alecrim Festas / Elo 7

3 – Beauty and the Beast

Are you a romantic birthday girl? The fairytale world Beauty and the Beast is a super trend thanks to the live action recently released in cinemas around the world.

It is possible to create a breathtaking decoration using the elements of this exciting love story.

Choose a yellow or gold dress for your look to be the center of attention. It doesn't have to be like a debutante costume. It can be something more modern and lean, as long as it's rocking!

Credit: Mother Owl

Credit: Constance Zahn

4 – Unicorns

A strong thematic trend is unicorns. They are printed on t-shirts, bags, inspire makeup colors and more.

And it's not just the kids who are enjoying fashion. Young people and adults are the most excited about the game. So, how about a unicorn themed party?

Credit: Eating with the Eyes

Credit: Constance Zahn

Credit: Revista Artesanato

5 – Wonder Woman

Do you like comics? Movie theater? Both? A Wonder Woman birthday party will win you over.

The heroine that highlights the beauty and strength of the woman is a hint of theme that will please everyone present on your big day. Decorate with a color palette that works more with red, blue, yellow and white.

The strong colors will be responsible for a fun scenario that will be perfect for the most sensational photos of the entire invited group.

Credit: Tips from Japan

Have you found that theme that made your heart beat faster? Your 18th birthday will be a success! Share the tips.


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