If you are looking for the best themes for children's party 2020, you may have come across dozens of options out there. It is at this time that, instead of helping, the abundance of choices ends up confusing many parents.

With that in mind, Casa e Festa went after the most popular themes for your son or daughter's parties. It has something for everyone: babies, children, boys, girls … Do you already suspect some themes that will be confirmed in this list? So let's not go too long here, check it out!

Hot themes for children's party 2020

See the list with themes for children's party 2020 that are on the rise:

1 – Sonic

The film Sonic is one of the big releases of cinema this year, so it is worth taking inspiration from the character to decorate the birthday party. The blue porcupine calls for a decoration with shades of blue and red, in addition to many elements that resemble history, such as coconut trees and drums.

Sonic Themed Party

2 – Llama

Llama is a birthday theme that caters for all ages, but that fell in love with the kids. The party can be decorated with fine colored tassels, cacti and macramé.

Llama themed party

3 – Tutti Frutti

For parents who are running away from obvious themes, the tip is to be inspired by Tutti Frutti decoration. The party incorporates the joyful and fun universe of fruits in every detail.

Tutti Frutti themed birthday

4 – Hot air balloon

The hot air balloon serves as an inspiration to decorate a fun, modern children's party filled with playful elements.

Hot Air Balloon Themed Party

5 – Rainbow

Cheerful and fun, the colors of the rainbow can inspire a beautiful birthday decoration. The element of nature serves as a reference mainly for working with balloons.

Rainbow themed party

6 – LOL Surprise

LOL Surprise is the doll that is in fashion, therefore, it has already become one of the most desired themes by girls. You can incorporate the dolls into the event decoration, as well as other elements that signal romanticism and delicacy, such as flowers, Provencal furniture and bows.

LOL Surprise Party

7 – Weathervane

This theme is considered versatile, that is, it pleases boys and girls. It is the perfect suggestion for those who do not want to be inspired by a character to decorate the children's birthday party.

Pinwheel themed children's birthday

8 – Sunflower

And speaking of themes that are not necessarily inspired by characters, it is worth highlighting the Girassol party. It is a cheerful and energetic choice to decorate the girls' birthday.

Sunflower themed children's party

9 – Teen Titans

This drawing began to be successful among children aged 3 to 7 years, showing the lives of some heroes during adolescence. Robin, Ravena, Estelar, Cyborg and Beastman inspire a super colorful table.

Teen Titans Party

10 – Spiderman

With the premiere of a Spiderman animation, the superhero once again stood out in the children's party scene. The red and blue colors, which refer to the character, continue to dictate the direction of the table decoration. They also influence cake, souvenirs and sweets.

Spiderman Party

11 – Dinosaur

O dinosaur themed birthday makes the biggest hit among boys. He values ​​Jurassic giants in different ways and proposes an atmosphere of adventure, which appeals to all guests. The theme has returned to success recently, thanks to the film Jurassic World.

Dinosaur themed party

12 – Unicorn

O Unicorn inspired several birthday parties throughout 2019 and this theme should continue to rise in the coming months. The theme, which fell in the taste of the girls, values ​​soft and sweet colors. Romantic and playful elements are also welcome in the decoration – all to create a magical setting.

Unicorn decoration for children's party

13 – Rain of Love

Charming and romantic, this theme has everything to do with children's parties that celebrate the first years of children's lives. The super cute decoration bet on clouds, hearts and rainbows.

Love Rain Theme on Birthday

14 – Wonder Woman

The main heroine of comics has become beloved among girls, so it inspires birthday parties. The decor calls for the combination of red, blue and yellow. See several ideas for Wonder Woman party.

Wonder Woman Children's Party

15 – Lion King

Children born in the 90s were enchanted by the Lion King story. However, the little ones of that generation were also captivated. The theme values ​​the animal kingdom and colors that refer to the forest.

Lion King themed birthday

16 – Magali

Despite Monica being the protagonist of the group, the character Magali has gained visibility at children's parties. Lots of yellow and watermelon in celebration!

Magali children's party

17 – Astronaut

Planets, rockets and stars are just a few items that cannot be missing from the Astronaut-themed party decor. Do everything the way the birthday boy expects, from the invitation to the decoration of the main table.

Astronaut-themed children's party

18 – Pineapple

The tropical climate can be seen through the figure of the pineapple. When decorating, bet on colorful balloons and foliage.

Pineapple themed kids party

19 – Adventure Time

The Adventure Time theme is for both male and female children's parties. If your child loves cartoons, this decoration can be a good choice! Since the ornaments based on the design have been used a lot for some time, you will have no problem finding them around. The result will be a colorful and super creative decoration.

Adventure Time theme party decoration.

20 – Disney Princesses

If you are looking for themes for a women's children's party, Disney Princesses can make your daughter and guests melt!

Disney Princesses theme party decoration.

21 – Peppa Pig

When we look for the main decorations for children's parties, it is as impressive as the Peppa Pig it is the right presence on all lists! School supplies, iPads, toys and … Parties! Yes, Peppa's unisex theme is the biggest children's hit of recent years.

Peppa Pig theme party decoration.

22 – Little Prince

Want to add a touch of elegance to your child's party? So the character Little Prince, which has thrilled many adults out there, can help you! The decoration can also include all the main characters of the book and film: star, rose, crown etc.

Little Prince theme party decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Little Prince theme party decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

23 – Frozen

Another character from Disney Studios, the Frozen it's a real fever for little girls! To enhance this princess in the decoration of the children's party, just bet on the combination of light blue and white colors. All elements that refer to the film and the cold climate are also valid.

Frozen theme party decoration.

24 – Mickey and / or Minnie

As it could not be otherwise, Mickey and Minnie are still very much needed to decorate children's parties. Even though it was created a long time ago, it seems that the couple of Disney characters has not yet gone out of style!

Mickey and Minnie theme party decoration.

25 – Captain America

If you're looking for the most popular superhero themes for men's children's parties, Captain America's movie can make a great decoration!

Captain America theme party decoration.

26 – Little farm

Are you looking for something that can be done more simply and directly? So the little farm it is an option to be considered! In addition to being unisex, she is still very cute and easy to prepare! Leave the party atmosphere very rural and seek inspiration in the animals of the field.

Farm Birthday Party Ideas

27 – Moana

Moana is one of the newest Disney princesses. This fearless and adventurous character is winning the preference of Brazilian girls. The theme calls for a mood of luau, skewers with chopped fruits, garlands of flowers, colorful cake and objects that resemble Polynesian Art.

Moana Party

28 – Miraculous Ladybug

If you have a daughter up to 6 years old, then you've probably heard of such a Ladybug. The character, from the animation Miraculous, is a heroine who does everything to save the city of Paris. The birthday party with this theme calls for themed cupcakes, ladybug ornaments, polka dot balloons and red flower arrangements.

Miraculous Ladybug

29 – Minecraft

The boys, aged 6 to 10, are addicted to Minecraft. This electronic game, considered one of the best selling in the world, proposes the use of blocks to create different types of buildings.

Themed birthday party Minecraft asks for block sets, color palette with green and brown and little bottles with green juice.

Minecraft Party

30 – Star Wars

The Star Wars saga was very successful in the 70s and 80s. With the launch of new films, the science fiction franchise once again conquered a legion of "little" fans. The children's party with this theme asks for many dolls of the characters, stars, swords and spaceships.

Star Wars Party

31 – Dog Patrol

Paw Patrol is a Canadian children's animation, which has turned into a fever among boys and girls. The birthday party with this theme can bet on bone-shaped appetizers, red and blue balloons, fire hydrant and canine footprints.

Paw Patrol Party

32 – The Minions

Minions are also another decoration among the most popular for children's parties in 2020! Get inspired by these cute and yellow characters to make your birthday fun.

Minions theme party decoration.

33 – Circus

The theme “Circus” has been used in children's parties for some time. The good thing about choosing a decoration like this is that it is unisex and very showy (which will do the photos of the party very well). On the other hand, be prepared for considerable work when it comes to lifting the decor!

Circus theme kids party decoration.

34 – Flamingo

When hosting the party, consider the Flamingo theme as an option. The pink bird yields incredible decorations that combine romanticism with the tropical climate.

Flamingo themed children's party

35 – Ballerina

Girls identify with the theme Ballet dancer. This theme results in a romantic, delicate and super feminine decoration.

Ballerina themed children's party

Did you like Casa e Festa's tips? If you have more suggestions on the main themes for children's party 2020, leave a comment below and help the other readers!


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