The Circus has always been the most successful, both with children and adults. Riding arena, clown, jugglers, dancers, magicians … There are so many attractions that it is difficult not to be enchanted by circus magic. For those in love with this colorful and joyful universe, the circus themed party is a perfect option for that special date.

How to make a circus themed birthday party

The history of the circus is very old, there are reports in China from 5000 years ago, in the engravings of the pyramids of Egypt and even in Rome in the old Colosseum. But in Brazil the circus arrived in the 19th century with the Europeans.

People presented themselves to society with their tricks of illusion, theaters and animal taming. When the public did not like it, these attractions stopped being displayed.

The circus theme party is excellent for children, as it refers to fun and unique moments, not to mention the beautiful decoration.


The invitations they must follow the chosen theme of the party, so the guests already know about the decoration and get ready for a beautiful celebration.

The famous circus tickets are a classic and a great suggestion for a birthday invitation. You can make the ticket invitation, or make small ones individually for each invited member, instead of a single invitation for the family.

The striped envelopes match the theme and the whole color palette. Create a beautiful and inviting invitation. The shape of a circus tent that opens and a manege with doll (a) are alternatives for those who want to create a special and super different invitation.

For children the invitation can be different: a box with a bladder, mother-in-law’s tongue and clown nose, with the main information at the top of the box. Children will love it and will definitely use it at their Circus Theme party.


That children’s party theme asks for a special costume. Nothing better than being inspired by the main characters in the circus world for the birthday boy’s fantasy.

For boys: white t-shirt with suspenders and red shorts is an elegant and super easy to find outfit. You can also invest in magician and clown costumes, which will be fun at any age, including babies!

For girls: Tulle skirt with a lot of pompom is a charm and a very cheerful costume. Be sure to bet on many colors to create a unique piece.

The family can also enter this climate. Daddies have several options for inspiration: magicians, ballerinas, clowns, tamers. Or take advantage of the party’s color palette and get inspired to wear colorful clothes that will match the child’s.


Decoration is the main focus of the party, any object can be part of the party and add even more value.

First of all it is necessary to choose which colors will be predominant in the party. From them, you can think of the whole look and the smallest details. Red, blue and yellow are a classic when it comes to a Circus Theme party, but you can choose the one that best suits your child’s personality.

Pastel colors like pink, baby blue and lighter yellow are an alternative to create a more feminine and delicate party, without losing the essence and magic of the circus.

How about welcoming your guests in the greatest circus atmosphere, with themed music and a “tent”? You can create this with fabric or TNT, a more affordable option that looks great. Add a ticket booth, where the receptionist can stay and control the guest list.

The table is the main focus of all decoration, especially with so many items that help keep the party in the chosen theme.

Bring the circus characters to the table. Clown dolls can be found on craft websites, or if you have the skill you can make some to decorate the table. Animals such as elephant, lion and monkey were part of the circus history and can color the scene even more.

Stuffed animals or made of biscuit, can appear both on the table, as in souvenir and party candy boxes.

The cake also deserves attention, after all, it is in the middle of the table! The cake decorated with stars, tent, circus animals and clowns are perfect to add more color to the theme. Don’t forget the colors, the cake can and should have quite a colorful mix to match.

If you don’t want to invest in decorated and more laborious sweets, bet on the colorful molds. Thus, sweets such as brigadeiro and beijinho will be part of the decoration, without having to spend a lot.

Even the water bottle comes into the theme with a simple and very cute decoration, referring to the classic style of clowns. You will only need cardboard or EVA plate to create the tie, in the bottle cap stick a plastic clown nose.

Different Foods

Have you ever thought of serving your guests different foods than the usual fried snacks? Get inspired by the food that the circus offers visitors such as: popcorn, apple of love, cotton candy, hot dog, potato chips, churros.

Don’t forget the packaging, she must also follow the circus universe. Tones like red and blue go well with this environment.

Surprises for the guests

Guests need to be entertained at the party, especially when it comes to something childish. So it is worth thinking about activities that children can participate in and learn at the same time.

A workshop to create a beautiful clown hat, pinwheel, clown tie with crepe paper are easy options to recreate and they will adopt spending time doing something to be used at the event.

The souvenirs cannot be left out either. The surprise bag can be decorated, like a clown’s outfit, to decorate with the decoration. The little jars and colored tubes are also cool options and everyone loves it.

Circus themed children’s birthday inspirations

To make an incredible decoration, you must count on good inspirations. Check out more ideas:

The striped print, in white and red, is perfect for the theme.

Acrylic balls filled with colorful sprinkles.

Funny clown with the size of children.

A tray with circus air.

Colorful hats decorated with pompoms on the end.

TAGS decorate these themed cupcakes.

Table ready to celebrate one year anniversary.

Souvenir idea: glass jars with cotton candy.

Stimulating healthy eating for children.

Elephant made with watermelon.

A creative way to make the balloon arch.

Super colorful candy table.

Colorful lollipops decorate the main table.

Fruit skewers combine with a healthy party.

Cupcakes decorated with clowns.

The circus curtains inspired the bottom of this main table.

Bottles with natural juice and straws.

A tray all red and perfect for the Circus theme.

The Circus themed cake shares space on the table with the sweets. The main colors are red and blue.

Burgers to serve at the party.

Ferris wheel with treats.

The hot dog cart matches the theme.

Highlight the birthday boy’s name in the decoration.

Flower arrangements can also decorate the table.

Colorful cupcakes decorated with animals.

Inspiration to decorate the guests’ table.

Cupcake carousel.

The photo of the birthday boy may appear in the decor.

Circus drum used in the center of the table.

Vintage circus inspired by Mickey.

Chocolate covered apples and lots of M&M.

Floral arrangement assembled in a vintage can.

Tower with candied cookies.

Did you see how many different and very creative ideas for the circus themed birthday party? Now just get your hands dirty and prepare an incredible party. Don’t forget to comment here which decoration you liked best.


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