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Today I bring another cool novelty to make your balloons / bladders very different to decorate your party!

Fill them with confetti!

The effect is really cool and fun especially for the kids, because the confetti is loose inside the bladders, and when it pops, confetti flies everywhere!

Cover image source: Pinterest

Let’s check it out?

You will need:
  • Transparent balloons / balloons
  • Funnel
  • Confetti, sequins or shredded paper
  • Bladder support (optional)
Step by step

1- With the help of a funnel, place the confetti inside the bladder.

2- Fill the bladder (be careful not to choke on the confetti) and tie.

3- If you are going to use the support, this is the time to put it on and you are ready to decorate your party and entertain the kids !!!!

I liked-and-now-balloons-with-confetti-decoration-parties

Source: Pinterest

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Ana Paula Novais


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