Just like 20 or 80, as with any celebration, planning an adult is the first thing that needs to be clear about this type of fiesta that we want. If we feel like something intimate or with people. Also, the age of those invited will be more familiar. In this way you will know how to decorate, what kind of food to serve, what music and the activities to be carried out.

You can choose a theme party. For example, if you cum in the summer, the party could be Hawaiian, Iberian! Do not forget to decorate with globes and garlands, centerpieces, and elements that contain the number of your complements. Because there is a figure that there is to presume to fulfill years !!

To serve food, haz una buffet tableThe invitations can also be used for food and drink. For fun, we recommend having a thematic dance, so have fun with good masks and forget the expected photocall, to immortalize your cumpleaños!