Colorful or white? Themed or without? Square or round? With whipped cream or American paste? There are many alternatives when thinking about a male birthday cake. If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right post. Below, photos that delight the eyes and whet your appetite.

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95 photos of male birthday cake that delight your eyes and taste

The choice of a male birthday cake can depend on a number of factors, such as the birthday boy’s style, age and even the colors of the party. Below, dozens of suggestions for you to get inspired.

1. Are you planning a men’s birthday party?

Thay Moura

2. Don’t forget to pay attention to the cake

Bia Confeitaria Artesanal

3. He is one of the protagonists of the celebration

Zuleica Castanon

4. And it can have the most diverse themes and formats

Day Bauller

5. The simple birthday cake for a man

Malu Cake

6. Even the most elaborate versions

Giffone Cakes

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7. The cake may have to do with the birthday boy’s profession

Sweetnesses from Josy

8. With your heart team

Bruna Oliveira

9. The favorite musical style

Fer Cakes

10. Or even some hobby

Holy Candy

11. The Joker is a hit at men’s parties

Handcrafted Sweetnesses

12. Just like superheroes in general

Adriana Agostinho

13. Batman’s cake pleases all ages

Read Silva

14. While Spiderman’s can be quite colorful

Doce Ria

15. Green is the best choice for Huck cake

Ana Flávia Teixeira

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16. And for the Pantegra Negro cake, black

Andreza Galrão

17. Gradient cakes have been a hit at men’s parties

Dessert T&D

18. In the most varied colors

Teka Lindoso

19. True works of art

Mr. Cakes

20. Here, beautiful combinations with greens

Gourmet Hand Confectionery

21. Black and white stand out in this inspiration

Dayane Teodoro

22. Who likes a metallic touch?

Fatima Alves

23. Could be just in the details

Daia Cakes

24. Or the whole cake


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25. Hot tip: cake decorated with whipped cream for men

Repostería Brasileras

26. Decorated on a whim!

Danilla Gonçalves da Silva

27. And blackmail cover to finish

Carina Cake

28. Another trend: watercolored cake

Valkíria Xavier

29. Delights for its refinement

Josy Custom

30. And use of soft colors

Edi Cakes

31. Of course, the boteco cake is not left out of that list

Layered Art

32. He is frequent on male birthdays

Thayana Gabriela

33. Both in simpler versions

Beta Sweets

34. As in those that are small works of art

Iza’s homemade

35. Even Homer Simpsom appears on the cake

Ideas on Paper

36. Fun is guaranteed

Magna Câmara

37. How about a neon birthday cake?

Lima Family Cakes

38. It sure draws attention

Claudia Viviani Ramalho

39. For male children’s birthday cake, unleash your creativity

Samara Felix

40. The cake can be very playful and colorful


41. Or have a decoration that the little ones love

Itamara Oliveira

42. Like dinosaurs

Paty’s Cakes

43. The fun Minions

Sweet Maria

44. Video game games

To Sweeten Life

45. And cartoons

Sweet Flavors

46. ​​Although round cakes are traditional

Josélia Borges

47. You can have a square male birthday cake

Naty’s delights

48. It’s a different format

Juliana Alkmin

49. And it looks very charming

Simonetti’s Gourmet

50. The square cake can follow a theme

Donna confiteria

51. Like the Minecraf game

Andressa Meireles

52. Or even the shape of a Bible

Eliza Cake Company

53. But it can also be more neutral

Monique Brum

54. With many treats

Carolina Targino

55. Does the birthday boy love to marathon series?

Duo Cakes

56. Order a cake with the show of the moment

Nessa Cakes

57. Paper ornaments are an easy way to decorate

Camila Costa

58. And make the cake full of personality

Madu Art’s

59. Look what a cool idea!

Lud Sweets

60. The birthday cake doesn’t have to have a theme

Palloma Kelly

61. Can only be colored

Taciana Marçal

62. Bringing the birthday boy’s name

Delicias da Jana

63. And your age


64. Minimalist cakes are elegant options

Carol Teles

65. They are decorated with attention to detail

Sweet Art

66. And a lot of caprice

Fabiana Oliveira Cakes

67. A black and white cake doesn’t have to be boring

Sweet life

68. Quite the contrary


69. B&W duo can be supermodern

Dolce Gourmet Confectionery

70. Don’t you give up a delicious cake?

Da Manu Sweet Shop

71. Bet on the male chocolate birthday cake

Cake’s Resende

72. Kit Kat cake combines beauty and flavor

Atelier Pão de Ló

73. And it can still be decorated with brigadeiros

Vake Juh

74. Or with seasonal fruits

La Doceria

75. Another successful option: naked cake

Duh Cakess

76. With its delicious apparent layers

Hunger for Candy

77. It makes your mouth water

Débora Lima Desserts

78. To drool: Nutella cake

Claudia Bozzo

79. Difficult to find someone you don’t like

Homemade Love

80. Milk Nest with Nutella, then, is guaranteed love

Silvia Antunes

81. One tip is to highlight age

Popping Ideas

82. As in men’s 50th birthday cakes

Candy from Deise

83. Age can appear on birthday candles

Party decorations

84. Or in the cake decoration itself

Pamela Cakes and Sweets

85. For 30 year old cakes, the word “trintei” is relaxed

La Sweet Deli

86. And it can be sophisticated too

Via 46 Studio

87. There are many alternatives

Pry Cakes

88. After all, there is no shortage of male cake ideas


89. The tip is to choose the option that suits the birthday boy

Alessandra Chocolove

90. Be more discreet

Evelyn Miranda

91. Or the king of fun

Return Pastry

92. Passionate about pets

Fernanda Monteiro

93. Or for a good little song

Tânia Praline

94. Now just choose your favorite

Celia Cunha

95. And celebrate with lots of fun!

Luiza Carolina Sweet Shop

If it depends on all these ideas, without a beautiful cake your party will not be, huh?

How to Make a Male Birthday Cake

Now that you’ve checked out several men’s birthday cake proposals, it’s time to get your hands dirty – literally. Check out tutorials to make and decorate your cakes at home!

Chocolate cake with masculine theme

The chocolate cake tends to please everyone. In the video, you learn how to decorate with traces of chocolate, blackmail and icing.

Male cake with American paste

The American paste allows you to make super personalized decorations. In Miriã Clemente’s tutorial, you can see step by step how to make a barbecue themed cake.

Simple decoration for rectangular cake

Are you new to the art of baking cakes? Start with the simplest projects. The video above shows how to beautifully decorate a rectangular cake.

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