Since it was released, Frozen has not left the head of the children. And so many choose animation as their birthday theme. So we've selected dozens of Frozen cake ideas to delight your guests and decorate your table. Soon after, check out step-by-step videos that will show you how to make your candy!

95 Frozen Cake Inspirations to Get Inspired

Are you going to celebrate your birthday with the Frozen theme and haven't decided how to make the cake yet? So get inspired by several Fronzen cake suggestions to complement the party table!

1. Frozen is a Disney animation

Carol Teles

2. That enchanted everyone

Reisla Cakes

3. With an amazing story

Bruna Vendrametto

4. And your nice characters

Di Chocolate

5. Blue and white are the main colors.

Dayse Felix Confectionery

6. And which refer to winter

Leidiane Cakes

7. Just like Princess Elsa's dress

Gi's Delights

8. But that doesn't stop using other tones

Angelica's Kitutes

9. Like lilac

Quéren Hapuque

10. Rose

Thai Ribeiro

11. Or a very colorful palette

Divine Flavor

12. Which refers to spring!

Kerley Brodbeck

13. You can choose a cake with the main characters

Lia Schimildt

14. With just the birthday girl's favorites

Katia Quintanilha

15. Or even without the characters

Sweet taste

16. But with various elements and colors that refer to animation

Dayane cake

17. And by the way, include symbols related to Frozen

Carolina Elciene

18. Like Snowflakes

Juliana Martins

19. Castles

Luana Leonora

20. Or Snowy Trees

Iáskara Bezerra

21. Be for birthday

Sweet delight

22. Or mesversary

Delicacy Sweets and Cakes

23. Frozen theme is in vogue

PapeLara Custom

24. And it's amazing!

Jaju Decorated Cakes

25. Make a 1 floor cake

Mari Dorigatti

26. 2 floors

Dolce Marias Studio

27. 3 floors

Gilneide Ferreira

28. Or as many as you want

Cinthya Goddiu Special Cakes

29. But according to your available budget!

Dream Cake

30. Make Princess Elsa's Hair with Blackmail

Cristiane Horst Faria Ferreira

31. Or with whipped cream

Cleyde S Dessert Place

32. Both options are delicious!


33. Use shredded coconut

Debora Lopes Cakes

34. Or milk powder to mimic snow!

Joka Lemos

35. In addition to making a real frozen cake

The Fran Cakes

36. You can opt for a fake cake

Laize Braga Cakes

37. Which is recommended for those who want to save

Honey Fake Cakes

38. But you want a well-decorated table

Party Cachola

39. It can be made with EVA

Tatiana Zago

40. Or biscuit

Ana Creative Studio

41. Chocolate is always the right bet!

At Home With Love

42. The silver effect was fabulous!

Leidy Cakes and Sweets

43. Olaf is the highlight in this candy

Sweet Su

44. Already in this are the sisters

Vivi Chantilly

45. And here Princess Elsa

Cleunice Pepper

46. ​​Wasn't this model funny?

Kellyn Venancio

47. Bet on more delicate compositions

Unique Creations Party

48. Graceful

Marcela Pires

49. And very bright!

Donna Truferia

50. The bow ended with charm!


51. Frozen Square Cake is Perfect for Larger Parties

Luana Carvalho

52. But you can also choose round models

Sweet Maricota

53. What are the classics!

Gabriela Favaro

54. Dear Frozen Pets!

Dejane Santos

55. Double-dose celebration!

In Cocina

56. The composition was really fun

Tati Cakes

57. Flowers make the makeup prettier

Lidiane Oliveira

58. And delicate

Sweet Invents

59. And they can be made easily with colored paper!

Thaynara Souza

60. Two floors of charm and taste!

Sayonara Santana

61. Beautiful Frozen Cake with Top

Confectionery Renata Machado

62. In addition to ordering at your local bakery

Bruna Monteiro Confectionery

63. You can make your own cake

Pedacito Ateliê

64. Just some cooking skills

Maria Aparecida

65. A little patience

Cuttlefish Dolce Jaque Marques

66. And a lot of creativity!

Mariane Souza

67. A true work of art!

Jovana galon

68. Dear Princess Anna also deserves mention!

Gabriela Gigli

69. You can opt for a simpler template.

Adriana Ohara

70. And discreet

Cristiane Nottingham

71. Like this beautiful cake

Sweet Corner

72. Or for something bigger

Shuellen Teixeira

73. And full of details

Mila Cakes

74. For a luxury party!

Mercia Almeida And Rachel Villar

75. Nicole celebrated her 3 year old with Frozen!

Jaschke Emporium

76. The custom cake was awesome!

Possidonian Pat

77. Delicious Frozen Blackmail Cake

Paloma Sousa Cakes

78. Match the rest of the decor!

Gabi Mendonça Cake Design

79. The Details of the American Paste Frozen Cake Made All the Difference

Alba Assis Decorated Cakes

80. The candy duo made the table even prettier

Madu Confectionery

81. Frozen whipped cream cake!

Sweet Heritage Holidays

82. Decorate with crowns too!

D 'A Thousand Flavors

83. Frozen topper cake looked amazing

Viviane Nunes

84. And he's very simple

Grandma's cake

85. And practical to do

Grasi Morais Cakes

86. Does not require many materials

Confectionery Di Ancona

87. And finishes the decoration with charm

Sweet Dreams Gourmet Dessert

88. Color

Paula Cakeria

89. And a lot of personality!

Priscila Alves

90. Frozen Fever Inspiration!

Confectioning Workshop

91. The delicate model is perfect for celebrating mesversaries.

Rafaela Marinho

92. Just like this one!

Eli Cakes

93. Wasn't it a love of the 2-story Frozen Cake?

Mon Amour Pies

94. Colors and snowflakes affirm Frozen theme

Dolce Ví

95. As well as this pool party with the animated characters!

Le Cake Confectionery

Hard not to fall in love with this theme, right? Now that you have been so inspired and delighted by so many cakes, here are five tutorials that will show you how to make yours!

How to Make Frozen Cake

Invitations, decorations, sweeties… A birthday party can get a lot spent. And with that in mind, we've brought you five Frozen Cake ideas you can make at home and save a lot!

Easy-to-make frozen cake

To start our step-by-step selection, we've brought you the video that will explain how to make a tasty frozen cake in a very simple and easy way, ideal for those who do not have much time to devote to making a cake, but know that the sweet is indispensable!

Frozen Square Cake

We have selected the video that will show you step by step how a delicious square cake was decorated with this freezing theme. To make the candy even more beautiful and colorful, a rice paper was printed that prints the two Disney princesses.

Round frozen cake

This tutorial video will show you how to decorate a round frozen cake that also applies rice paper to make the composition more charming. A nice idea (and one that was very much seen in the inspirations) is to make Princess Elsa's hair whipped or blackmailed.

Blackberry Frozen Cake

The blackmail is becoming increasingly successful in decorating cakes and other sweets. So we have selected for you this walkthrough that will explain how to make the delicious mix to complement your Frozen cake and make it very tasty!

Frozen fake cake

And finally, we've brought you the tutorial that will show you how to make an amazing fake cake for your Frozen party. Cardboard, hot glue, EVA and some appliqués were used to make the decorative item that will make the table beautiful and well decorated!

It's not that hard, right? Just a little cooking skill and care when decorating the Frozen cake. Gather the suggestions you identified most and start planning your cake! Remember to match the rest of the decor, after all, it's part of the party! And to get into this freezing mood, how about some decorating ideas for your Frozen party?


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