If you are a palmeirense with a card or wish to honor a fan of Verdão, then you will love choosing a cake from Palmeiras to celebrate the special occasion. Next, you can see an incredible selection with the team's cakes. It has an option for all tastes, whether with rice paper, whipped cream, icing or American paste. Check out!

95 Palmeiras cakes to leave the party with the touch of Verdão

When it comes to preparing a party, there is nothing more cool than making it thematic and with a cake to sigh, isn't it? To characterize the candy, you can use not only the Palmeiras flag, but also your pets, the parakeet and the pig. See the ideas:

1. How about a Palmeiras cake for a theme party?

Beth Castro

2. It can be made with rice paper

Leticia Solcia

3. Or with green granules

Marina Moucachen

4. And it is possible to abuse glitter and toppers


5. After all, a Palmeiras cake with signs can carry not only the congratulations

JH Cakes Gourmet

6. How to also characterize the cake with the birthday boy's name

Bia Paixão

7. And maybe even carry a message of victory!

Rafaela Marinho

8. For candy lovers, how about several sighs at the edges?

Adriana Martins

9. Decorating with Palmeiras elements is essential

Andréia Itacaramby

10. It is worth betting on pets, joining the parakeet and also the pig

Sweet Charm

11. Or give full prominence to your team's heart flag

MARAvilha cakes

12. Other than that, invest in tasty cakes, like this dulce de leche


13. No matter your age

Ju Azevedo

14. It's always good to party, especially with cakes and cupcakes so personalized

Kate and Lorena Tobelem

15. A little pig carved out of sugar also looks amazing

Our Cake

16. And the 2-story Palmeiras cake is imposing

Ellen Martos

17. Demonstrates all the grandeur of the team

Nanda Gourmet

18. And also all the cuteness of the pets


19. So, there are people who can't stand it and buy three cakes right away!

Meire Oscar Cakes

20. And others who pay a beautiful tribute to their dear and palmeirense father

Delicias da Brubs

21. Icing is a wild and delicious topping


22. But it's worth betting on fakes cakes too

Pauli Maia

23. After all, using icing requires a certain technique

Sweetness & Taste

24. But it is charming, isn't it? In a Ninho milk cake, then …

Renata Vilela

25. For sure, the fight will be over the first piece!

Oxente l Confectionery

26. Even more on a Palmeiras cake with Kit Kat


27. The birthday boy will love every detail

Pablo Nobrega

28. Because the cake can contain all the personality of the honoree, as in the case of this palmeirense lawyer

Oxente l Confectionery

29. It is not every day that they remember what we love and on top of that they give a beautiful cake like that!


30. Even Wallasse joined

Pablo Nobrega

31. The cake can celebrate several achievements


32. And when the confectionery places a lot of white chocolate balls

Marcia's Cakes 🎂🍰🍮💗

33. Can't resist

Jaqueline Ergolico cakes

34. Because chocolate is life, isn't it? Not to mention the brigadeiro…

My Dear Cake

35. Look at this granulate all worked

Marina Moucachen 🎂🍫❤️

36. And this gradient with icing that was perfect

Petra Netherlands Confectionery

37. It is quite a tribute!

Marina Moucachen 🎂🍫❤️

38. And everyone is just waiting to taste

Gourmet Sweets Parade

39. You can even take apart a decoration like this, made in three floors

Sandro Bolo Bão

40. Or this one, with superdelicate sugar sculptures

Paula Thim Pâtisserie

41. Palmeiras cake with topper is also a trend

Thályta Custódio

42. As well as personalizing, it gives the cake a special touch

Gourmet Sweets Parade

43. Even more if he has a lot of chocolate, like here

Lazzarini Cakes and Sweets 🎂

44. Or it's simple, with just a symbolic topper

Regina Rodrigues

45. Cake decoration can express decisive moments

Chef Carolina Trevisol

46. ​​And score all the winning goals!

Madame Doce by Ravena Sousa

47. Sugar turned to grass in this cake

Sweet Sister

48. And in this one too, including a beer

Confectioning with love

49. In addition to the lawn, bet on creative layers

Be Sweet – Cakes and Cupcakes🎂

50. Mixing colors and toppers


51. And innovating in icing

Junior Creative Cakes

52. In this cake, the sugar molding technique reigned

Maria Glaucia

53. And here, the brigadeiros and Kit Kats took care

Lefitha Design

54. The symbolism of Palmeiras can appear in a more subtle way

Daniele Aguiar Cakes

55. And the cake can vary in sizes

Evelyn Chocolates

56. And also in formats

Donna Maricotha

57. A strawberry cake with dulce de leche is mouthwatering

Beth Castro

58. And when the whole party is palmeirense, there is no room for rivalry

Fake cake, set design

59. The Palmeiras cake with icing is certainly an elegant bet

Di Chocolate

60. But toppers make everything more fun

Débora Pereira

61. And they're really cute, aren't they?

Ryan Lisita Oliveira 🦊

62. Some people prefer the traditional mix between icing and rice paper

Chef Carolina Trevisol

63. And whoever always invests in fluffy options, with carved sugar


64. What do you think of abusing green and white toppers?

𝑀á𝓇𝒸𝒾𝒶 𝑀𝒶𝓉𝓉𝑜𝓈🍰

65. It is such a delicate cake that it can only have been carved by hand

Grandma’s Cake

66. Notice the subtlety of the details

Sweet Emotions 🥰

67. One last layer in circumference is the perfect reference to football

Rose Cakery Ateliê

68. And the iced flag brings all the greatness of the team

Isabella Flausino

69. Don't forget to pay tribute to your favorite players

Bia Mattos Pizza

70. And to give the green and white touch even to kisses and brigadeiros

Paty´s Cakes Confeitaria

71. The square shape of this cake, combined with the creative technique in the icing, makes everything perfect

Fernanda Carneiro Celebrate

72. And the female Palmeiras cake is always present and impeccable

Custom Cakes

73. Green gradients are a trend

Atelier Cá Bernardes

74. And this fund referencing the flag is very original

Fabiana Oliveira

75. Combining a person's passion with a sweet as delicious as this one

Helena's treats 🎀

76. It is a guarantee of a lot of feasting and eating washed down with joy

Dani Confeitaria 💕

77. After all, just looking at it makes you want to go out to eat at the top sweets

Sania Cavalcante

78. Will it be for the whole family?

𝒟𝓊𝓁𝒸𝑒 𝐵𝒶𝓀𝑒𝓇𝓎 𝒜𝓃𝒹 𝒞𝒶𝓀𝑒 𝒟𝑒𝓈𝒾𝑔𝓃

79. In order not to cause discord, it is even worth mentioning the Flemish sister

Giovanna Siqueira Confectionery

80. Does this four-tier cake survive until “congratulations”?

Camila Poli

81. Even though it is a birthday, the family does not miss the opportunity to play (even on the cake)

Bruna Melo

82. But the important thing is to enjoy and share the party and the cake

Patty and Cauh

83. And thank you for such a personal decoration, made especially for you

Delicias da Geisa 🎂

84. With green and white details that will go down in history

Flávia Felicia

85. And they may even include a new mascot, the Hulk Palmeirense


86. When it comes to cutting the cake, share the Kit Kats

Today Can Cakes & Sweets

87. And share the whipped cream with everyone

Anne Kelly💗

88. This is a great idea for palmeirenses who like to fish

Kelly Karoline

89. And here the topper with the soccer ball is the main attraction

Artisan Confectionery 🍰🎂

90. Glitter and sparkle add an extra touch to any candy

Di Cakes 🎂 Dianna Tavares 👩🏻‍🍳

91. And the sugar sculptures even look like lies

Lara Stolf Arte em Açúcar

92. Here, the detail of the boots makes everything more special

Personalized sweets and cakes

93. And the green icing makes the cake elegant

Lys Damas

94. Remember that, regardless of the choice


95. The important thing is to party a lot with friends and enjoy your Verdão cake!

Karina Ribeiro

So, have you chosen your favorite? For sure the party will be beautiful and full of personality with the palmeirense theme. And if you like Alviverde so much that you want to put your touch of confectioner (o) in the cookie, follow the topic below and see how to decorate the candy with the references of Verdão.

How to make cake from Palmeiras

Learn and make the Alviverde cake decoration yourself. The videos are ordered in order of difficulty, so they start from the easiest to the most elaborate. Check out:

Palmeiras cake with rice paper

If you like the simple and practical, this video is for you. With tips on where to buy Verdão rice paper and which nozzles to use for confectioning, you can decorate the cake in less than 5 minutes.

Round Palmeiras cake with rice paper and whipped cream

Do you want to innovate in the shape of the cake, but don't know how to put the rice paper in this case? The good news is, you don't have to worry about cutting. Just fold the tips and follow the decoration! If you're curious to see how to do this in practice and still learn how to decorate a round cake with whipped cream, press play and watch the tutorial!

Palm Cake with Kit Kat

Here you will have access not only to the step by step of cake decoration with Kit Kat and rice paper, but also to the recipes of the fillings. For those looking for an economical tutorial, this is ideal!

Palmeiras cake with topper and whipped cream

In this video, you learn how to decorate a medium-sized rectangular cake with green and white whipped cream. In addition, Ketlen shows the ideal nozzles for each part of the cake and teaches how to place the toppers for an even more special decoration.

4-story Palmeiras fake cake

And for those who want even more practicality, nothing better than a fake cake, right? In addition to giving the touch of elegance that the party needs, this cake can be used over and over again. In the video, you can check the sizes of each floor and also learn how to make the surface of the cake look like American paste.

Liked? Now there's no excuse for not having a truly palmeirense party! In addition to the appreciation of the guests, you can be sure that the birthday boy or honoree will love it. And if you are in the planning phase of the occasion, how about seeing more ideas and tips for an incredible birthday party?


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