by Hugo Tanaka

On 06.22.21

The Cruzeiro cake honors one of the greatest teams in Minas Gerais. Therefore, it must be as special as the achievements of this team. See below some models and how to make a cake from the tricolor Minas Gerais so that your party is worthy of a champion.

90 photos of Cruzeiro cake to please the fox

Football is the national passion and that is a fact. In this way, nothing more fair than honoring the team of the heart on a special date. Check out Cruzeirão’s cake ideas below to make every fan of the team happy:

1. Are you looking for a cake from Cruzeiro?

Ana Almeida Cakes

2. This cake is perfect for anyone who is passionate about football

Vanessa Torres

3. Especially if the person supports the Fox

Minas Cocoa Confectionery

4. Blue should be the predominant color

Bia Paixão Cakes

5. Don’t forget to include the mascot in the decoration.

perfect treats pt

6. And the stars that give the team its name


7. Your cruise cake can have custom toppers

CarameLú | Cakes and candies

8. The blue nation will love a cake like this

Valle1 Sweet – Marianna Valle

9. The combination of blue and white can have different shapes

Homemade Cakes

10. Be a little more minimalist

Mara Vasconcelos

11. Or more elaborate and vibrant


12. The Cruzeiro cake with whipped cream is always a great idea

sweet charm

13. Cruzeiro’s balloon cake is always successful

World Paper – Custom

14. And he can spice up a simple Cruzeiro cake

Kuchen & Strudel

15. How about putting the lawn in the decoration?

Caroline Elciene

16. A gradient can make the top of your cake stand out

CarameLú | Cakes and candies

17. The wave cake is a decoration that will always be unique

Tata Cakes

18. The gold can symbolize the team’s various titles


19. Anything goes to honor one of the most victorious teams


20. Did you know that Cruzeiro has not always had this name?

Reisla Cakes

21. Since its foundation, in 1921, until 1942

Paola Souza Sweets

22. The team was known as Societá Sportiva Palestra Itália

Carol Alves Cakes

23. The club changed its name due to federal law.


24. That prohibited any reference to Brazil’s enemies in World War II

sweet Isabelle

25. So, the name of the team changed to Cruzeiro


26. Due to the Cruzeiro do Sul constellation

mr. pastry shop

27. Which is present on the club’s coat of arms

zuleide of oliveira da silva

28. Currently the team impresses many fans

Bethel Sweets and delights

29. There are endless possibilities to create your Cruzeiro cake

Cleidy Leonel

30. Use American paste objects for a different effect

The Cake 💭

31. Shine makes the cake stand out

World Paper – Custom

32. After all, the team deserves a lot of attention

Sweet Lia ®

33. The decoration with the spout is amazing


34. The team colors help a lot when it comes to baking

Kenya Cakes

35. The Chantilly cruise cake is perfect

Sweet Flavor – Joelma Fernanda

36. And will accompany the arrival of the new age


37. Therefore, creativity should have no limits

Lu Cakes | Confectionery

38. And the cake must please the honoree


39. Rice paper helps when decorating the cake

Mariana and Alda Torres

40. Of course, paper cake tops are ideal for saving

God’s dream confectionery

41. In addition to faithfully decorating the theme

pots of lallah

42. The team shield may be present

Brigadeiro Della’s Workshop

43. The new age can also appear at the top

Raissa Martins Cake & Co.

44. The birthday person’s name is almost mandatory

Divine Taste | Confectionery

45. Shine can add more prominence


46. ​​The cup refers to all team titles

Sweet Honey BH

47. The blue fox is almost synonymous with the Cruzeiro

home delights

48. And the soccer ball can’t be missed, right?

Sweet memory

49. It can have three dimensions

Ueslei Henriques

50. Look how beautiful this option

Rose Ferreira

51. A monochromatic cake stimulates creativity

Gourmet Cake BH

52. But nothing stops you from playing with shades of blue

Lorena cakes 🧁

53. To create different proposals


54. Or highlight the elements with white color

Dhe Cakes Confectionery

55. Don’t forget your team stars

Isabelle Matos

56. No matter where they are

Small pleasures

57. They must be present even in a simple Cruzeiro cake

I want +

58. Minimalist decor always draws attention

beautiful cake

59. For being sophisticated and modern

Rafa’s cakes

60. Why not symbolize two passions?

pink cakes

61. Football cakes show the passion for a team

Keren Morais

62. And they’ll make your event even more fun

Pedro Otávio

63. In addition to honoring a fanatical Cruzeiro

Delights Miah

64. You can also plant bullshit at the birthday party

Daniela Alves

65. Different shades of blue will make your cake look amazing

Mimes from Lé

66. This also goes for the square Cruzeiro cake

Leidy Candido

67. It is possible to represent the entire football field

angelica cakes

68. The biggest in Minas deserves a very imposing cake

La Dolce Vita Confectionery

69. As much as the club itself

Lucimara Araujo

70. The cake will definitely please everyone

Milca Santos

71. Regardless of gender

confectionery blackberry aroma

72. Or age


73. The most important thing is that the person being honored is happy

Dulce Lucile Patisserie

74. Complement the decor with the airbrush

Deyzi candies

75. Make use of glitter as it is always very welcome

Kiu confectionery

76. As with any decor with a pastry tip

little pieces of us

77. American paste gives an impeccable finish

Daniela Alves

78. The cachepot cake has been gaining more and more space

Eliane Confectionery

79. The team mascot was inspired by the team president in 1945


80. In addition, the fox is known to feed on chickens


81. In a clear provocation to the People’s Team’s biggest rival

Reisla Cakes

82. That rival is Atlético Mineiro, which is known as Galo

Luh’s delights

83. Football is Fox’s biggest activity

Dilma VS

84. But the club has several other sports activities

Sweet Honey BH

85. As for example the volleyball

Daniela Alves

86. How about a cake from the Messrs. Maior de Minas?


87. The watercolor cake can also have the Fox theme

Rita Queiroz Pampering

88. There are models for all tastes


89. Which will make the party more joyful and unforgettable

Eliane Confectionery

90. Because honoring the Cruise is synonymous with success!

Paola Souza Sweets

How many amazing ideas, isn’t it? So, it’s easy to decide how the cake will be for your next party. Now why not take a chance and bake your own cake? Read on to learn different techniques.

How to make a cruise cake

Confectionery is an art. But, many people may find it a difficult task. Therefore, see the following tutorials to learn how to decorate a cake from Cruzeirão Cabuloso:

Cruise cake with rice paper

The Renato Bolos channel gives tips on how to apply rice paper to a square cake. For this, the confectioner uses a little whipped cream on top of the cake so that the rice paper from Cruzeiro has more adherence. At the end of the video, he gives some tips on how to combine colors in this theme.

Square Cruise Cake

Confectioner Symone Rodrigues teaches you how to decorate a square Cruzeiro cake. This cake shape might be easier to make at home. After all, it is the most common type of shape in Brazilian homes. In addition, Symone Rodrigues also gives several tips on how to use the 1M nozzle.

Decoration with a pastry tip

Decorating a Cruzeiro cake using a pastry tip can be tricky. To lose your fear and learn a new technique, watch the video on the Isaque do Bolo channel. In it, you learn to decorate a cake using the 1M nozzle in your team’s heart colors.

Cruzeiro cake with whipped cream

Whipped cream can give another look to a cake. Besides, there are those who prefer to work with him than with the American folder or the whipped cream. See in the video how to bake a Cruzeiro cake using whipped cream and coloring.

Cruzeiro deserves a beautiful cake to honor his passion for the team. Enjoy and see amazing ideas to make a very creative cake topper to complete the decoration.