Princess Sofia is one of the most beloved drawings by girls and has consequently become the theme of many birthdays. And to be a complete success, Princess Sofia's cake can't be left off your list. That's why we've brought you dozens of ideas, as well as step-by-step videos that will show you how to make yours. Come on?

85 Princess Sofia cakes to inspire your party

From fake to whipped cream, get inspired by a variety of creative Princess Sofia cake suggestions ranging from 1 to 4 floors! Check it out and be enchanted!

1. Telling the story of a girl turned princess

Cris Confetti

2. Animation is a charm

Carameli cakes

3. And conquered all the girls (and moms too!)

Ariela Souza

4. Therefore, a theme much chosen for birthdays

Mila Cakes

5. And mesversaries!

Black ant

6. Make the cake according to the decoration

July Kids

7. As well as the available budget

Aracelly Cakes and Sweets

8. Cake can be found in different formats.

Thallita Lins

9. As usual round

Erika Delights

10. Or a Princess Sofia Square Cake

Malu lima

11. Which is perfect to serve more guests

Pollyana Karolina

12. You can make the cake as many floors as you like

Poliane Dueli

13. From one

Polly Cakes

14. Two

Nanda Gourmet

15. Or even a 3-story Princess Sofia cake!

Give Cakes

16. Beyond Princess Sofia

Sweet Workshop

17. And the nice animals

Viviane Lima Workshop

18. You can include other symbols that refer to the drawing.

Cupcake Express

19. Even more so if you don't put the character

Rayane Viana Cakes

20. Like the castle

Gi Gourmet

21. Crowns

Taste and Art

22. Or Carriages

Marcia Tome

23. Bet on the gradient texture

Danielle Costa

24. Which makes the composition very interesting

Lunicas Confectionery

25. And even more beautiful

Japa Cakes

26. In addition to brightness

Mila Confectionery

27. To finish the cake with charm to spare!

Sweet Liloca Workshop

28. Lilac is the protagonist when talking about this theme

Paty Decorated Cakes

29. Since it refers to the sweet princess dress


30. But that doesn't mean you can't use other colors to match

Artur Gomes

31. As yellow

Diana Resende Decorated Cakes

32. Rose

Emporium Cakes

33. Or shades of blue

Sweet Lane Delight

34. The cake is worthy of royalty!

Thaay Delights

35. Invite the whole class to decorate the candy!

Bia Passion Cakes

36. Naked cake shows off all its flavor

Chocolate Dreams

37. Whipped Cream Is Never Overkill

Marlinda Cakes

38. And it will make the candy even tastier

Joana Darck Cakes

39. In addition to giving him more color

Thay Delights

40. Ties

Fernanda Tavares Cakes and Sweets

41. Butterflies

Candy Kitchen

42. And flowers can also be included in the cake.

Divine Sweet

43. That make the look more beautiful

Glaucia Loiola Delicatessen

44. And delicate

Nanda Gourmet

45. Just like dear princess Sofia

Cristiane Avelino

46. ​​A true fairytale castle!

Soll Cakes

47. Include all the characters in the drawing!

Elyta Morgana

48. Beautiful Princess Sofia Cake with Rice Paper

Lucas Samuel

49. Gold has made this model elegant

Love and Sweet

50. And sophisticated

Sweet Assis

51. Ideal for more luxurious parties

Brown sugar

52. But you can also opt for simpler templates.

Bolim Cupcakes

53. And easy to do at home

Sweet Therapy

54. Remember: Simple can be awesome too!

Edinalva de Castro

55. Green complemented with exquisite

Karinny Farias Cakes

56. Making the Makeup More Colorful

Thalitha Bilro

57. And beautiful!

Duda’s Cake

58. Match the stand with the cake

Donna Nesa

59. How about this delicious trio?

Dulce Cake Designer

60. The tufted texture makes the sweet chic

Sweet Therapy

61. Just like drooling

Thais Almeida

62. Which have everything to do with the theme of the party!

Let it be Cake

63. Turn the princess skirt into a cake

Camila Camargos

64. The topper made the cake more decorated

Sweet Invents

65. And full of personality

Stefani Marcelino

66. And can easily be made at home

JeE Gourmet Confectionery

67. With few materials

Nika's Studio

68. And a lot of creativity

Happy Dayse Confectionery

69. It can be worn on either top

Celis Cakes

70. How much on the sides

Cake and Company

71. Cake details refer to princess dress

Santana Cakes

72. The pink and lilac combination is a charm

Delicacy Sweets and Cakes

73. As well as white and lilac

Cake Dreams Workshop

74. Beatriz chose her favorite princess


75. Princess Sofia's cake is simple

Joe's Candy Store

76. Already this is more worked out in every detail


77. Don't forget to put the birthday girl's name

Sweet Acorn

78. And the celebrated age!

Carol's Sweetness

79. Princess Sofia's 2 story cake is amazing!

Marlene Ribeiro

80. Charming

Jack lima

81. And delicious composition!

Mi Fascino

82. Princess Sofia's whipped cream cake looks delicious

Aunt Zora's Delights

83. Pay attention to details.


84. They will make the difference to the look

Atelier Sweet Party

85. And they will bring more charm to your party!

Manu Sweetness

A more beautiful and charming inspiration than the other, just as the Princess is! Now watch five step-by-step videos that will show you how to make your candy at home!

How to Make Princess Sofia Cake

We know that buying or ordering a custom cake in bakeries can be a bit pricey. And with that in mind, we've brought you the tutorials that will explain you the step by step to make your own candy!

Princess Sofia Cake 2 stories

Learn how to make a beautiful 2-story Princess Sofia cake that will steal your birthday party scene. Although it seems a bit more complicated and time consuming to do, we guarantee it will be worth it!

Princess Sofia cake with whipped cream

The whipped cream is responsible for making the cake well decorated, and very delicious. That's why we've selected the step-by-step video that will teach you how to decorate your cake using this ingredient. Use a good quality dye to color the candy!

Princess Sofia Cake with Rice Paper

Rice paper is a great choice for those looking for a more personalized cake. In the video, it is shown how to apply rice paper and decorate your Princess Sofia cake. Finish with little confectionery!

Princess Sofia Square Cake

Is your guest list really big? So bet on a square shaped cake! So, check out the step by step how to make your candy that, as in the previous video, also has rice paper and very whipped!

Princess Sofia's fake cake

Want to save money but not give up a beautiful and well decorated table? Then watch the tutorial video that will teach you how to make a Styrofoam-based fake cake. For making, you will need EVA, instant glue, scissors, ruler and other materials.

Licking your lips, isn't it? Gather the ideas and tutorials you like best that will match the rest of your party decor, and start planning your candy! By the way, how about giving a quick look at creative and beautiful suggestions to decorate your Princess Sofia party with lots of charm?


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